Review – TMNT Ghostbusters II #1

TMNT Ghostbusters II #1

“Human sacrifice, dogs, and cats living together, mass hysteria!”

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have run into a bit of trouble while traveling home from Dimension X. An old foe just won’t leave them alone, even in the afterlife! Being stuck in a limbo-type dimension with all types of ghouls and ghosts, the brothers only know one team to call—the Ghostbusters! Luckily, Donnie still has a way to contact the Ghostbusters, but even with their combined efforts, the team is going to have a tough time getting out of this perilous situation in TMNT Ghostbusters II #1.


The first encounter with the TMNT Ghostbusters franchise was a smash hit and a lot of fun, so a second mini-series was a no-brainer for IDW Publishing. Tom Waltz and Erik Burnham wrote the first encounter of the teams and they are regular writers on both the ongoing TMNT and Ghostbusters IDW comic book series. So this series is obviously in good hands!

The great thing about TMNT Ghostbusters II #1 is that it’s the second meeting of the two groups, so all the introduction and getting to know each other is mostly out of the way and we can get straight on with the story. Waltz and Burnham have a great feeling for all these characters and the voices are perfect.

Now, I am not a regular reader of the Ghostbusters series, but I was not at all lost in this issue. The creative team did a great job of making the story congeal and come together. So, if you are not familiar with one series or storyline, you will not be lost and can still enjoy TMNT Ghostbusters II #1.

However, I do feel like the writing team did fail a little bit with this “jump start.” A lot of TMNT Ghostbusters II #1 was spent setting up everything that was going to happen in the series and getting to a starting point. I felt that it could have been condensed a little bit more to where this issue was not a total setup for the next.

But, I still love the dialogue between Egon and Donatello. It is always great to see them go back and forth. And just seeing the Ghostbusters and TMNT teams on the same page is a lot of fun. I just wish the pace would have been a little quicker in this issue.


Dan Schoening, who also did the art for Vol 1 of TMNT Ghostbusters, comes back for TMNT Ghostbusters II #1. I really love his animated style and the great cartooning he puts into the characters. The Ghostbusters look great in Schoening’s style. Though they resemble their actor counterparts, Schoening gives them a wonderful, animated feeling to them. I also love the movement he puts into each scene. The pages never feel stagnate—everything has a sort of motion to it. The only beef I have is with the Turtle’s shells—they just look way too big and cumbersome. Sure, it’s a minor grief, but it really stands out.

Luis Antonio Delgado has some beautiful colors on TMNT Ghostbusters II #1. He balances natural colors with very bright (almost neon) colors very well. And that “ghost” dimension looks awesome!


TMNT Ghostbusters II #1 is off to an okay start. It is great to see these two franchises teaming up once again. But beware! Just because there is some great dialogue in this issue, that doesn’t mean a lot moves forward. It seems like this issue really just sets up everything for the series. Overall, if you liked the first meetup of these two iconic teams, then you are going to enjoy TMNT Ghostbusters 2 #1. And while the first issue is not great, it is still a good read and has me excited for issue #2!

How did you feel about this month’s issue of TMNT Ghostbusters II? Are you excited for the next one? Let us know in the comments!


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