Review – TMNT Ghostbusters II #3

TMNT Ghostbusters II #3

Stranger Things

In the last issue, we got a glimpse of these strange dimensions the Turtles and Ghostbusters hopped into to evade the Collectors and in TMNT Ghostbusters II #3 we really get to see how strange they are. Michelangelo and Peter Venkman are trapped in a world with anthropomorphic animals much like Mikey himself; things are going well until they run into the Ghostbustturtles who mistake Peter for a demon and capture him, now it is up to Mikey to save the day. Raphael and Ray are trapped in a forest with ghost Vikings that have taken over their bodies to live out their fighting days once again. Leonardo and Winston are trapped in a strange future world battling robots when some literal Punk Frogs show up to steal their transmitter! While all this is going on Egon and Donnie continue to try and figure out how to free them and stop the Collectors from taking the Turtles forever.


TMNT Ghostbusters II #3 is the best issue of this five issue mini-series so far, it was just a ton of fun. The writers are just diving into these weird dimensions and creating a fun story along the way. The interactions between the Ghostbusters and the Turtles are great and I am loving how their relationships are growing beyond from when they first met. I am also really liking how hidden in all this crazy weirdness that the writers are tackling some more emotional problems for the character. In the last issue Venkman and Michelangelo had a talk about how Splinter being the new leader of the Foot Clan has been affecting him mentally and what it has done to his family and in TMNT Ghostbusters II #3 Egon and Donnie have a brief conversation about their experiences of “dying” and then coming back to life. Waltz and Burnham do a great job of slipping these subjects in while still just weaving this crazy story.


Again like in the previous issue we have multiple artists depicting these crazy dimensions in TMNT Ghostbusters II #3. Pablo Tunica handles Mikey and Venkman in the world with the anthropomorphic animals and the Ghostbustturtles are just great to look up, the mash-up between the Turtles and the Ghostbusters is just wonderfully well done by Tunica. His art is the highlight of the Issue, his odd style just immediately jumps off the pages and fits the world perfectly. Mark Torres handles Raph and Ray in the world with Viking ghost that possesses the Turtle and Ghostbuster respectively, the art is okay it’s not bad but it is also not that memorable, well besides getting to see Ray do some ninja moves that was comical. Tadd Galusha again does the pages with Leo and Winston in that weird future dimension with the robots, again his pages are a lot more action oriented which look great, he also gets to draw the “punk rock frogs” which are just some amazing designs! Dan Schoening is still with Donnie and Egon in the “main universe” and I was excited to see him have a few action scenes because he always does a tremendous job of showing movement on the pages. I’m not 100% certain if Luis Antonio Delgado colored everybody’s art or just some, there is no page breakdown for his coloring so I am going to say if he did the coloring for everybody, that deserves a standing ovation on how he matched the different styles and universes perfectly.


TMNT Ghostbusters II #3 is the best issue in this series so far and it shows that these characters work great together and can be a ton of fun to read. The creative team has done a superb job of letting these characters relationships grow beyond their first meeting in the original mini-series and have definitely stuck them in a totally different scenario. I really love how they are subtly talking about the characters more emotional/internal problems throughout the series, it is great o see this cohesiveness throughout the two series and things that happened in their respective ongoing series have not been forgotten about and that they are being addressed.

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