Review – TMNT: Macro-Series Leonardo #3 (IDW Publishing)

TMNT: Macro-Series Leonardo #3
  • Writing - 8/10
  • Art - 8.7/10
  • Overall - 8.4/10
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Writer: Sophie Campbell
Artist: Sophie Campbell
Colorist: Brittany Peer
Letterer: Shawn Lee
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: November 28, 2018

The Northampton farmland of April O’Neil has always been a place for the Turtles to go and reflect. Away from the hustle and bustle of New York City, Leonardo meditates on what he wants from life and finds a surprising answer when old enemies arrive.


“Nothing Else Matters” TMNT: Macro-Series Leonardo #3

The Northampton farmhouse of April O’Neil has always been a place for the Turtles to go to get away from the city. In TMNT: Macro-Series Leonardo #3, Leonardo and his brothers go there once again to reflect on recent events. Leonardo wants to get his brothers stronger in meditation and the astral plane. The brothers are not as focused as their leader Leo, leaving him alone to discover what he truly wants from life in the woods of Northampton. Leo does not have long to reflect, as Karai, Bludgeon, and Koya show up. Leo battles his old foes and makes a life-altering decision. 


TMNT Macro-Series Leonardo #3 (IDW Publishing) cover A by David Petersen
Cover A by David Petersen

Sophie Campbell comes back to writing duties on TMNT. She hasn’t written TMNT since co-writing the Karai’s Path four-part story in TMNT Universe around a year ago. Campbell has a very distinct voice that comes through her writing in the TMNT Universe. It feels like it has a certain rhyme or rhythm to it that just seems to flow. That uniqueness flows through TMNT: Macro-Series Leonardo #3.

Obviously, this is Leo’s turn in the Macro-Series. The Donatello and Michelangelo Macro-Series had some strong story points that will affect the future TMNT stories, but TMNT: Macro-Series Leonardo #3 might have the greatest effect going forward. Campbell eloquently guides us along as Leonardo discovers what he truly wants from life. This issue is a nice introspective into Leonardo’s thought process and the dialogue between Koya and Leonardo is absolutely fantastic. Those scenes between the two are some truly great work from Campbell.

The story in TMNT: Macro-Series Leonardo #3 is pretty strong and it works well. I like Campbell’s work with Leonardo; the other Turtles, not so much, but obviously, they don’t get much “screen time” in this issue. You will have to read the whole issue to reveal the major changes that happen, and for any TMNT fan, you definitely don’t want to miss this.


I have always been a fan of Campbell’s art since being first introduced in TMNT: Micro-Series Leonardo and the Northampton 4-part storyline in TMNT #29-32. I commented on this previously in the aforementioned TMNT Universe Karai’s Path storyline that Campbell also did art duties on, how greatly her art has evolved over the years. Campbell has a much “edgier” textured style now. Her ink lines are a little more jagged and she adds in a lot more detail. She still has a great “soft” cartooning touch, but I love how detailed the line work has become.

I am still not the biggest fan of how Campbell illustrates human characters’ faces. She does a great job on all the anthropomorphic characters, but for some reason when she draws human faces they just seem a little off or strange.

Campbell is also becoming great at capturing movement and impact on the pages. Her action scenes are wonderful: the scenes are dynamic and have superb movement to them; the blows feel brutal as they should be.

Brittany Peer is also continuing to become one of my favorite colorist in comics. I loved the white/grayish tone she gives TMNT: Macro-Series Leonardo #3. It gives a nice, almost calming feel to such a hectic issue. Her red also pops off the pages, and the blues she uses in the “astral plane” and Koya’s wings looks magical.


These TMNT: Macro-Series continue to be delightful. The Donatello issue was a great look into the character and the Michelangelo issue was perfect, and TMNT: Macro-Series Leonardo #3 continues that trend with some good storytelling and awesome art. These Macro-Series also feel worth the $7.99 price tag as well. The binding is nice and thick and the printing of the pages give a nicer feel to the issue. You also get a nice full story that makes it worth the extra cash. My favorite Turtle, Raphael, is coming up next and the creative team has some high marks to live up to, so I am excited for what the next Macro-Series brings to the table!

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