Review – TMNT: Macro-Series Michelangelo #2 (IDW Publishing)

TMNT: Macro-Series Michelangelo #2
  • Writing - 10/10
  • Art - 10/10
  • Overall - 10/10

TMNT: Macro-Series Michelangelo #2 "Growing Pains" 

Writer: Ian Flynn
Artist: Michael Dialynas
Letterer: Shawn Lee
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release: October 24, 2018

Michelangelo and his father Master Splinter have not seen “eye-to-eye” in a while and emotions come to a boiling point in this issue!

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7.23/10 (3 votes)


TMNT: Macro-Series Michelangelo #2 “Growing Pains” 


Mikey has been at odds with his father since he killed Shredder and took over the Foot Clan. It seems Splinter is going against everything he has taught his children and Michelangelo cannot deal with it. Now that Splinter has decided that the orphans stranded at the Foot Clan’s lair should be trained as soldiers, Mikey has reached his limit. Tempers boil over and “the party dude” makes a stand against his father in TMNT: Macro-Series Michelangelo #2.


Let us start off by saying Ian Flynn did an incredible job writing this issue. He brings all of the tension Mikey has had against his father since issue #50 to the surface. He really nails Michelangelo as a character and this stand-out issue further evolves him. Flynn brings out some new aspects of the generally laid back, partying turtle. He adds an extra edge to his character. Mikey has always been the heart of the team and Flynn brings that to the forefront of his character and makes it shine in TMNT: Macro-Series Michelangelo #2.

Flynn fills the 48 pages with a roller coaster of a story. There are laughs, action, drama, and maybe even some tears. It is really a heartfelt issue that encompasses everything that I love about TMNT. The heart of this issue is about family and Flynn just nails every aspect about it. The fears, hate, struggle, and love that everybody goes through is weaved throughout this story. It is a really well laid out issue that keeps you engaged throughout the reading.


TMNT: Macro-Series Michelangelo #2 “Growing Pains” Cover A

Let’s talk about this tremendous art by Michael Dialynas. I haven’t seen Dialynas on the Turtles in a while; he did some backup stories in TMNT Universe and full story with TMNT Dimension X #2. I remember liking his art but it is simply incredible in Michelangelo #2! The facial expressions and catching the character’s emotions is key to this story and he nails them perfectly. He has a great cartooning style that is ideal. Not only for the emotional parts of the story but the action is fantastically done as well.

Dialynas does an incredible job of nailing every aspect of this story. The visuals are striking and energetic when they need to be, but he also does a good job of slowing the story down and hitting the more emotional beats with his art.

I am not sure if it was Dialynas’s call for the changeup in character design or somebody else’s but it is great. The added colored arm sleeves and “socks” are a delightful look for the Turtles. I love his coloring as well; it has this nice brightness to it. No matter how gloomy the story may seem it adds cheerfulness to it.


I don’t give out perfect scores often, but this deserves it. Ian Flynn’s story mixed with Michael Dialynas’s art is a perfect combination. This is the best issue of TMNT that I have read in a while and that is saying something! IDW’s TMNT series is usually always good but this surpasses that. TMNT: Macro-Series Michelangelo #2 is an incredible issue that not only furthers the ongoing story in the TMNT Universe but does a superb job of telling a complete one-shot story as well. Incredible work from the whole team on this issue and everyone who worked on it should be proud.

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