Review – TMNT Universe #10

TMNT Universe #10

“Bring Da Ruckus”

At the end of issue #9 of TMNT Universe, Alopex and Angel are thrown into the Toad Baron’s jail for trying to leave his party. Alopex having already been controlled by one Pantheon god Kitsune in the past has is quite wary of this place but she is enjoying being away from all the hustle and bustle of life, but her and Angel realize they must escape this place before they forget who they are and become trapped in the Toad Baron’s glamorous world and party. Angel knows of one great way to get thrown out of a party and that is to start a fight and not just any fight an all out brawl and to smash the place up! Alopex and Angel set the plan in motion and to quote the Wu-Tang Clan “Bring Da Ruckus” in sighting the party goers into a wild smashing frenzy, but will this be enough to escape the Toad Baron? We also get a very short backup story of the ever lovable Pepperoni dreaming of turning into a TMNT ninja and it is adorable. 

Sophie Campbell and Bobbie Curnow turn in a very effective two-part story in TMNT Universe #10 ( note this story will continue in issue #71 of the ongoing TMNT title). They get to shine an extended spotlight on Angel (AKA Nobody) and Alopex giving them much more background and character development than they have had before. Alopex has been developed pretty well having her own Micro issue and having a few stories on the main TMNT title focused on her but Campbell and Curnow give her a little bit extra details to her character in this two-part story. Angel gets some much-needed attention in these issues and her backstory and character are greatly evolved in these two issues. She has been seen constantly for the past few years in the ongoing TMNT title and has been a main player.  As someone that has followed every issue of IDW’s TMNT series whether it be a micro, mini-series or whatever I was still not familiar with what exactly her character was all about, well the writers definitely helped that out in this story and gave me some much-needed information about Angel’s life before meeting the turtles and what drives her. The backup story is four pages aptly title “Teenage Mutant Pepperoni” and any time Pepperoni gets to shine I am a happy camper!


Pablo Tunica’s art continues to grow on me after the first issue, I still have problems with the way Angel’s face is drawn, but I think that is more of I have a predisposed way she looks in my head from previous issues and his style is very far from how she has been depicted. Tunica’s art is tailored made for the Toad Baron’s domain though, he excels at drawing these wild, fantastical creatures and settings. His bold, exaggerated characters really brings the reader into this otherworldliness and he draws these outlandish characters effectively well. His toned down colors also gives this story and almost old children’s book feel to it and really sets a tone for the story. Sophie Campbell does the art duties for the backup and there is nothing not to like about Campbell drawing Pepperoni, all day every day give me that.


Overall this was a good two part story for the TMNT Universe book I really like how the team gave more character depth into Alopex and Angel while also developing their friendship along the way, I am also enjoying how this story is going to tie into the main ongoing TMNT title in issue #71. I am really digging TMNT Universe telling these short stories and getting to play around with different characters in the universe while also still being part of the main series. In all honestly I would have bought this for the four page backup alone, I am a sucker for Sophie Campbell drawing Pepperoni.

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