Review – TMNT Universe #13

TMNT Universe #13

Karai’s Path (part 2 of 4)

After the events of the last Issue, Karai has a nice little sit down with a rival gang in Japan. After a little run in with the gang leaders granddaughter, Karai came to seek some revenge against her but now has ended up striking a deal with her grandfather. He wants an ancient sword that may hold untold power, and he hopes that it will give him an edge over his rivals. Karai’s skills and knowledge is exactly what he needs to find this artifact. Karai agrees to his deal, but as ancient artifacts go they are usually highly protected. Luckily she has Bludgeon and Koya to back her up. In the backup story, Koya returns to Bludgeon with another artifact that may hold the key to bringing back her flight, but it also has strange psychological side effects.


Erik Burnham and Sophie Campbell are scripting a really interesting story with TMNT Universe #13 Karai’s Path 2 (of 4). I really like that we are getting more in depth with Karai and building up her character nicely with these issues. We are also learning a lot about Koya and Bludgeon and their characteristics as well. It is great to have these characters more fleshed out than just bad guys with bad intentions, and Burnham and Campbell are the perfect team to do it. It is also great to see how Karai, Bludgeon, and Koya are dealing with their losses. Karai is starting a new mission and a finding a new purpose for her life, Bludgeon is dealing with his loss of sight and staying positive about things while building up his new “radar” sense (like Daredevil), while Koya is still having the hardest time with her loss of flight. The backup storyline deals more with Koya and her loss of flight, and I will be very interested to see what happens with this whole amulet thing in that story line.


Sophie Campbell does all the drawing in this issue for the main story and the backup story (she also does the coloring for the backup) and her skills continue to amaze me. Last issue I was very impressed with the “action” scenes with layout, structure and just the overall flow, that continues in this TMNT Universe #13, but her variety of stylings is truly another impressive feat in this Issue. There is one “flashback” scene showing the story of the ancient sword that is done in a plain inking style that is very impressive in contrast to the main art. There is also a meditation/dream scene that has one of the most impressive looking dragons I have seen on a page, and that whole scene is laid out perfectly. Campbell shows that she can do just about anything artistically while continuing to get great emotion out of her characters. Brittany Peer does a great job on colors in the main story. he forest scenes are really wonderfully done and jump off the page with some mesmerizing colors. The second to last panel on the main story page is fantastically creepy and I love it- you will, too.


TMNT Universe #13 is another excellent entry into this series and provides great characterization to Karai, Bludgeon, and Koya. The art is absolutely stunning and Campbell continues to impress with each Issue. Karai continues her path to discover herself as she tries to find an ancient sword, but things will not be easy and powerful items are usually protected by some powerful foes.

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