Review – TMNT Universe #14

TMNT Universe #14


At the end of the last issue Karai, Bludgeon and Koya had found Takeshi Tatsou’s vault, but found themselves surrounded by zombie like creatures! That is not going to be there only trouble as more trials await the group if they get past these creatures. Hayashi Toru may also have other plans for the group if they emerge with the ancient sword. It may be up to an unlikely “hero” to come to their rescue if they make it out of the vault alive!

TMNT Universe #14 really ramps up the tension and action as Burnham and Campbell start to reveal Hayashi Toru’s true motives for sending Karai after this supposed powerful ancient sword. I am also really enjoying what they are doing with the character of Natsu, she went from just being more of a “punk” gang member character to really being fleshed out in these past two issues and it looks like she is going to have a big role in this series and maybe into the main TMNT story lines in the future. 

Burnham and Campbell have proven to be excellent writers, as for me, they have turned Karai from a villain into almost an anti-hero type character. Now she is still very much a “villain” in my eyes I mean she was still the leader of the Foot Clan for a long time, helped bring back Shredder and has done some pretty shady stuff, but Burnham and Campbell have made her struggle to find herself very interesting and they have really captured this character’s plight, while making her into a fully developed individual.


I think I have said this in all my reviews of this series but in TMNT Universe #14 Sophie Campbell impresses once again with a more horror type edge to her art. All the scenes with the undead creatures are super creepy and all the little details like jagged fingernails, crooked teeth and mucus dripping from tongues are fantastic and make the ghouls extra terrifying. Campbell also does some excellent panel layouts in TMNT Universe #14. One page, in particular, has almost a “winding” type view or set up and it isn’t really good at increasing the drama and action in those scenes. Campbell also continues to do some really great action scenes, the flow of motion and impact of hits continues to be really impressive.

Brittany Peer has some really wonderful color work in TMNT Universe #14 as well, now I love Rhonda Pattison as she normally colors just about everything TMNT, but Peer can fill in for her at any time now as far as I am concerned she is great! Peer magnifies the horror feel to the “dungeon” scenes with great grays and greens and just giving these creatures a “dirty” feel to them. I also love the coloring of the tattoos on the characters they are so bright and vivid they really jump off the page.


TMNT Universe #14 (Karai’s Path 3 of 4) is another excellent issue that is making some “bad-guys” into interesting well-rounded characters while introducing some new and old characters into the ever growing IDW TMNT Universe. The creative team is firing on all cylinders and I am very excited to see how they wrap up this story line in the next Issue.

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