Review – TMNT Universe #22 (IDW Publishing)

Peace in a Time of War in TMNT Universe #22

TMNT Universe #21 was a political thriller, and TMNT Universe #22 finishes up this two-part story in style. Ma’riell, an Utrom scientist, and the Leader of the Triceratons Zom continue to make a peace treaty between the two races. Once slaves of the Utroms, the Triceratons do not fully trust living alongside them and the Utroms do not have respect for a race they created to be their personal army. Both sides have conflicting views and things they want, but peace is coming slowly but surely. Not everyone wants peace, and Donatello knows this while acting as a mediator between the groups as he notices Lt. Keleve of the Utroms has some alternative motive. It will take all of Donnie’s smarts, ingenuity and ninja skills to stop another war from breaking out in TMNT Universe #22.


TMNT Universe #22 - Cover Art by Freddie Williams II
TMNT Universe #22 – Cover Art by Freddie Williams II

Paul Allor once again turns what could have been a potentially “boring” two-part story, into a wonderful tale of the trouble of two warring races attempting to live together. Allor builds up the tension in TMNT Universe #22 superbly well, and each page continues to add new layers and intrigue about what is going to happen. You are never really sure if the peace treaty is really going to happen or if sabotage is right around the corner. Allor does a great job of pacing the story and keeping you turning the pages.

The backup story is a short story getting us back in touch with Leatherhead. Writer Ross May gets the giant mutated alligator back to his roots and helps him find a purpose in his life. It is a nice short story that serves to get Leatherhead in a new direction quickly.


Mark Torres continues to do a great job on this two-part story in TMNT Universe #22. He has a style that fits the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle world well. He catches the size aspect of the Triceratons perfectly in his art. This plays into this issue a little bit. You get a good feel of their heft and weight on the pages. I love the way he draws Donatello in his oxygen mask thing that he uses to breathe on Burnow Island. It is something that shouldn’t look cool, but it does. And in a few panels, the way it is angled looks like Casey Jones mask which is always cool. Torres just has a well-rounded style that goes well with this story. I hope to see him more often on TMNT books. Ronda Pattison continues to be awesome on colors; she continues to do great work.

Chris Johnson handles the pencils and inks in the backup story with Leatherhead in TMNT Universe #22. He has a wonderful style that has a hint of cartoonish elements to it but with some fantastic detail and realism in it. I can’t get into detail without spoiling some things, but he does a great job on the underwater scenes, and when Leatherhead meets another underwater monster it looks fantastic. Mark Englert adds some beautiful bright coloring work to the short story, and it fits superbly well.


Look, I know giant walking and talking dinosaurs discussing peace treaties with the alien brain-looking creatures does not sound super intriguing, but trust me, it is great. Paul Allor wrote a fantastic two-part story that will have definite repercussions in the TMNT Universe as a whole. With some great artwork by Mark Torres and Ronda Pattison, this has been a wonderful little tale of politics. The backup story in this issue is good, nothing crazy. but nice little story with some fun art. 

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