Review – TMNT Universe #8


TMNT Universe #8


TMNT Universe#8 is the conclusion of the two-part story started n issue #7  following Donatello as he “resurrects” Metal Head. Now Metal Head has been down for the count since issue #50 when Donatello whose consciousness inhabited Metal Heads body after Donatello’s body was crushed by Bebop and Rocksteady in issue #44, Donnie  self-destructed metal heads body to help defeat the henchman in issue #50 (don’t worry obviously Donnie is back to normal in his regular body). Donatello has been slowly rebuilding Metal Head since then and has finally brought him back to “life”! Metal Head is having some trouble dealing with his new found life as it is Donatello’s consciousnesses that he feels he is Donatello but yet he can see Donatello living in front of him. He is having trouble dealing with emotions and processing being “alive”. As some of his brothers want to destroy Metal Head and others want to help, Donatello tries to bring Metal Head some peace by showing him the city. Things do not go as planned and Metal Head decides he must end it all. It is up to Donatello and his brothers to find him and save him from himself. 


TMNT Universe #8 Cover by Adam Gorham
TMNT Universe #8 Cover by Adam Gorham

Ryan Ferrier does a fantastic job of putting a twist on the whole robot gains consciousness and becomes sentient story trope. Making Donatello sympathetic to Metal Heads plight by understanding what metal head is feeling. Donnie was once trapped in the same metal body so he has the first-hand experience with his situation. Ferrier catches the voices of all of the characters very well and has written a very engaging story for these two issues. The backup story by Brahm Revel continues to be an excellent little “history of the ninja” story. Each backup follows a girl slow down a spiral of her life and as she slowly comes involved with the foot clan, this is also paralleled by one of the turtle brothers in an action piece while being narrated about the story of how “ninja” came to be. 


Adam Gorham with Jodhua Hixon on ink assist brings a very detailed heavy lined style to this two-part story. All the characters are very well rendered and for me, his style of drawing the turtles invokes the first live action movie character design. Gorham lays out panels guiding the reader’s eyes and setting up scenes very cinematically. He also does a beautiful job on the turtle’s shells and has some wonderful shading in certain scenes. The only complaint would be that the turtle’s faces do kind of look the same and some of the expression seem a little off in some situations. Pattison once again just does a stellar job coloring all of these IDW TMNT books and just holds the consistency across the line. Revel continues to do all of the art duties on the backup story and his minimalist style brings this short ninja story to life. His use of reds and dark color tones sets the mood perfectly and tells a fantastic story in only four pages with no dialogue showing his mastery of the sequential art form.


TMNT Universe #8 concludes the two-part story of Metal Heads resurrection. This series continues to be a fun offshoot of the ongoing TMNT book from IDW. Taking the continuity from the main storyline and giving us one and done or short two-part stories is a fantastic set up for this series. It lets us dive a little deeper into this universe and gives the writers time to expand on certain story lines and or characters that may have fallen off to the wayside on the main ongoing book. The backup stories continue to be great additions that build upon the TMNT lore and make TMNT Universe worth the $4.99 price tag. TMNT Universe is great series for TMNT fans to dive into!

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