Review – TMNT Universe #9

TMNT Universe #9

Toad Licker

When someone in the TMNT universe wants to get away from the city life and relax they head to the Northhampton wilderness. Unfortunately, but it never seems to work out that way. Alopex and Angel soon come to that realization when they travel to Northhampton to regroup and heal their body and minds. Taking a nice canoe trip soon turns into an adventure into a new dimension! Swallowed by a giant toad they are transferred into the Toad Baron’s domain and wouldn’t you know it he is throwing a giant party for all his “Pantheon god” friends. Alopex is not too thrilled about seeing Kitsune again since the whole mind control thing, so Angel and Alopex plan their escape. The Toad baron isn’t too happy about party goers leaving and it’s going to be a lot harder to leave this weird, funky world than they ever imagined.

Sophie Campbell and Bobby Curnow write a beginning to a very fun story in TMNT Universe #9.  Campbell and Curnow use the Northhampton setting to delve into Alopex and Angels characters and let them share some introspective into their lives. Angel gets some great character building revealing that being and helping with the turtle’s battles helps keep her on a straight path and gives her life a sense of purpose. Alopex is using Northhampton to get away from the constant battle and fighting, trying to figure out who she is. Bringing them into the Toad Baron’s crazy world is a bit of a shock but leads the characters into new directions.

The backup story from Brahm Revel has his final entry in this issue. Throughout four issues we have followed Jennika’s (a Foot Clan assassin) origin story and how she came into Shredder’s Foot Clan. It is a great “origin” story that has been slowly revealed throughout the past four issues and greatly developed this new character.

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In the main story, Pablo Tunica handles the art duties. He has a very wild design style that plays very well when the characters are transported into the Toad Barons world. His exaggerated cartooning style makes this eccentric world come to life, the anthropomorphic character designs are vividly imagined and brought to life in stunning detail. The muted color scheme gives the world the Frog and Toad feel to it. The only real problem with the art is Angel’s face design, it looks nothing like she has been depicted throughout this series and it’s very distracting throughout the issue and is a glaring problem.

Revel also does the art duties in the backup story and his minimal styling has does wonders for this story and he continues to get so much story out of each panel and page in this short backup story. He continues to use red coloring to great effect and has brought an emotional short story throughout four issues with hardly any dialogue.


TMNT Universe #9 is a good entry into the IDW TMNT world. Campbell and Curnow introduce a new Pantheon god in the Toad Baron and also delve into Angel and Alopex’s characters. Revel finishes off his four-part backup story in this issue and brings to light some great information and backstory to a character that has yet to have the spotlight shown onto her until now.

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