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Turok #2
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  • Overall - 7.2/10
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Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Roberto Castro
Colorist: Salvatore Aiala
Letterer: A Larger World Studios’ Troy Peteri
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: February 20, 2019

Turok, his brother, and the United States Army unit wanting to capture them enter a strange portal that brings them to a land where dinosaurs walk the earth!


“Land of the Lost” Turok #2

Turok #2 picks up right after the first issue. Turok and his brother stepped through a mysterious portal revealing a strange new land filled full of dinosaurs! They do not have a long time to marvel and wonder, as the United States Army unit sent to capture them also pursues them through the portal. Turok and his brother Angar must dodge bullets and the teeth of hungry beasts as they traverse this new land. But dangers lurk all around, and may force them to make uneasy allies in this new world!


Turok #2 (Dynamite Entertainment) cover A by Bart Sears
Turok #2 (Dynamite Entertainment) cover A by Bart Sears

Ron Marz picks up the story pace in Turok #2. We are thrown right back in as Turok and Angar are still trying to evade being captured. Marz tells a pretty straightforward story. There is not much in the way of character development so far, except for Turok himself, which for the first two issues is okay. I hope that the Army Captain gets a little bit more development in the coming issues. We don’t know much about him, and he would make for a more interesting protagonist with a little more backstory.

Though the story in Turok #2 is pretty straightforward, Marz drops in these great little story points that keep me hanging on. Like this mysterious man in black character. He showed up very briefly in the first issue and he shows up again briefly in this issue. He obviously is a big character and I am wondering what role he has to play in the story.

About midway through Turok #2, you can kind of see where the story is going; it is not a bad thing, and adds a different scenario to the story, but you can see it from a mile away. It definitely changes the dynamic of what is going to happen in the series going forward, and that has me excited. That being said, I didn’t see the cliffhanger coming at all. It does a great job of keeping my interest for the next issue!


The art in Turok #2 hasn’t changed much form my review of Turok #1. I really enjoy the human characters. I dig the more “sketchy” type feel of them. The details and thin ink lines work superbly well. Roberto Castro’s style gives that “old west” type feel to the series. I love that you can see some of the pencil lines and outlines in the pages. It gives a textured feel to the characters and series. It is too bad this does not transfer over to the dinosaurs. They look very uninspired.

I mean the dinosaurs are like a big thing in Turok and they look very bland and boring. Once again, we have a velociraptor attack in Turok #2, and it is just kind of boring from an art standpoint. A T-Rex shows up at one point and it looks just like the “raptors” except bigger. The coloring doesn’t really help either, as it seems Salvatore Aiala decided to color all the dinos in a dark green/grayish color. It does not look great to make them stand out. The rest of the coloring on the issue is solid, but that was a bad choice.

The lettering also doesn’t do Turok #2 any favors. All the lettering has a very bold feel to it, like this bold for every word balloon; it is just very odd from a lettering standpoint and makes it stick out way too much. 


I know I just harped on a lot of stuff in Turok #2, but overall it was a solid issue that could have been a lot better with some art changes. The story, while pretty straightforward, is fun and an interesting read. The art looks great in some places, but when the dinosaurs come into action it is just a very lackluster event. Marz does a good job of keeping you interested in the story as, even though Turok isn’t one of those books I will clamor to read next month, it does have me interested to see what happens next.

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