Review – Turok #3 (Dynamite Entertainment)

Turok #3 (Dynamite Entertainment) cover B(detail) by Butch Guice
Turok #3
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Turok #3

Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Roberto Castro
Colorist: Salvatore Aiala
Letterer: A Larger World Studio’s Troy Peteri
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Release: April 24, 2019

Turok and his brother have been saved by a mysterious woman. They form an uneasy alliance with their soldier enemies and the man in blacks plan unfolds in Turok #3


“Fight the Future” Turok #3


After making an alliance with the soldiers that were pursuing them Turok and his brother Andar were hoping to escape this land where dinosaurs roamed. Things went well until the crew was ambushed by a group of Neanderthal men. It was looking dire until a strange woman saved the day and brought them to safety. Now in Turok #3, we find out who this modern day (scantily clad) woman is and why she is here. Can Turok and his brother trust the soldiers? What exactly is this land time has seemingly forgotten? And who is this man in black that keeps mysteriously appearing? 


Turok #3 (Dynamite Entertainment) Cover A by Rags Morales
Turok #3 (Dynamite Entertainment) Cover A by Rags Morales

So, Ron Marz does a fantastic job on these cliffhanger endings to Turok. I probably was not going to pick up issue #3 but I kind of wanted to know the story of this woman that showed up and saved the group. So, he got me and also got me at the end of Turok #3 as well! 

The story its self is okay. It is a good action adventure story, but also nothing really amazing either. I mean you got your uneasy alliances, mysterious characters and some good little action set pieces. I do like how Marz writes the character of Turok. Turok a battle-tested warrior, confident but smart and Marz gives him a nice endearing tone to his words and actions.

Marz gives the lead character Turok great characterizations and fleshes him out to a good degree. The story might not be much to baulk at but at least Turok gets fleshed out.


Much like my past two reviews of this Turok run at Dynamite, the art is not bad, but it isn’t great either. I still like the “sketchy” character work. The linework looks great and the characters have that nice “dynamic” feel to them. The action is also paced well, it feels hectic and frantic as the group escapes the Neanderthals. The coloring works well, giving a good “old west” type feel to the story. While also delivering some nice bright colorations when needed.

I am not sure who decided to design the present day woman that saves the day, but I mean come on; nobody dresses like that. I mean if you are going to go with the scantily clad lady then at least make a joke about Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle style. Or give it some reasoning. It is just a really odd choice that seems a bit out of place for the comic itself.

The dinosaurs still have to be the biggest pitfall of this series art wise. I mean they are a big part of the series and they still do not look all that great. Much like the story the art is okay, but also nothing really memorable either.


Turok #3 is not a bad comic but it is not particularly great either. It is a solid action adventure story and not much else. Ron Marz does excel in the final page reveals that somehow keep reeling me in for the next issue. If you are a fan of Turok you probably like this? I don’t know if Turok has a huge following or not? I do like what the story does for the lead character of Turok and making him have more dimensions and characterizations. If you are a fan of Turok I would like to know what you think of this series?

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