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Turok#4( Dynamite Comics)variant cover art(detail) by Butch Guice
Turok #4
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Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Roberto Castro
Colorist: Salvatore Aiala
Letterer: A Larger Worlds Studios’ Troy Peteri
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: July 17, 2019

Turok finds the secret of the Lost Valley and the truth to why he was brought to this strange land.

Turok #4 – “Turok Through Time”

Turok #4 throws the reader for a loop as our hero learns his true destiny and the secrets behind the Lost Valley. When we last left Turok (check out the review for issue #3), he was face to face with a new strange creature. Much stranger than the dinosaurs and odd ape creatures that have been trying to kill him and his brother. The mysterious man in black turned into a wild futuristic being of odd colors and shapes noting Turok must die! Well, Turok wants answers; after being hunted by Captain Samuel Connors and his brigade and being caught in this strange pre-historic land; fighting off dinosaurs, making an uneasy alliance with Captain Connors and being saved by a strange woman—Sarah Nathaniel—who is from a different time as well! 

Turok wants answers and the mysterious pyramid behind this creature holds the answers. But can Turok make it into the pyramid? And does he really want the answers it holds?


Turok#4( Dynamite Comics) Cover art by Rags Morales
Turok #4 ( Dynamite Comics) Cover art by Rags Morales

Ron Marz tells a tight story in Turok #4. He shows off his veteran writing status as there is no wasted story space in this issue. It has really been his style throughout this whole series but Turok #4 is all very “to the point” type storytelling. It makes for an extremely fast-feeling read. Which is not a bad thing. He gets the story rolling and by the end, we are set in a completely different direction for the next issue.

Turok does seem to take this whole issue in stride. From a guy who was a Native American somewhere around after the Civil War, he seems to be taking all this weirdness pretty well. Story-wise, I am not a big Turok aficionado but this is very interesting. I am not that invested in any of the characters or really care about them one way or the other. But I do find what Marz is doing with the “mythos” and legend of Turok to be interesting at the same time.


I have been pretty critical on the art of the series since the start. Not that it has ever been truly bad. Just that the dinosaurs and other creatures have been kind of lackluster and unexciting. Well, maybe the three-month layoff from issue #3 to Turok #4 helped because there are some delightful creature and character designs in this issue.

Now, Robert Castro’s human characters have always looked good. I liked his detailed lines and overall character designs. His dinosaurs though looked very boring. Well, at the start of this issue he shows off some great designs for some dinosaur/human hybrid creatures. They look delightful, with their strange alien armor and weapons. Castro also does some great panel work. The start of the issue is very exciting and fast paced with some spectacular framed scenes and panels that heightened the action.

Castro does this with the whole issue with some great panel layouts. It adds a little bit more energy to the story. There is also some nice bright coloring work from Salvatore Aiala. Aiala adds some nice coloration to Turok #4, from some darker edgier things to that nice cosmic blue we see radiating from the pyramid.


This is probably my favorite issue of this Turok series so far. While not perfect and, honestly, I am not fully invested in the characters or what is going on I still find it all very interesting at the same time. The art seems to have improved from the other issues and made for a dynamic read. Turok #4 is a very fast read. Once the story starts Marz does not let up or slow down. In a way that is good, as the story gets to where it needs to be. But also for a $3.99, 22-page story, I feel like we need a little bit more sustenance. I do like where Turok #4 leaves us off story-wise. It is something new and interesting that I want to see what Marz does with. So, he has kept me on for a few more issues.


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