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Turok #5
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Writer: Ron Marz
Artist: Roberto Castro
Colorist: Salvatore Aiala
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: September 4, 2019

Turok has discovered something amazing: infinite realities and many more versions of himself. But there is no time to dwell on the revelation, as the Hunter wants to end all of that.



Turoks for Everybody in Turok #5

The end is here for Dynamite Entertainment’s Turok with Turok #5. The battle lines have been drawn as our hero has discovered he is just one of many different Turoks from different realities. Can Turok use the power he has found to send himself, his brother and his friends back to their own respective timelines? Or will the Hunter have other plans in store?


Turok #5 (Dynamite Comics) Cover art by Rags Morales
Turok #5 (Dynamite Comics) Cover art by Rags Morales

I was a bit shocked that Turok #5 was the end of Ron Marz‘s Turok series. I was expecting at least one more issue for that six-issue trade paperback model and it seemed there was a lot more story to tell. With the revelation of an alternate reality Turoks and just now figuring out about “The Lost Valley”, it seemed we had some more story to be told.

That all being said the issue felt very rushed. The big ending battle didn’t have the gravitas it needed and everything was just sped up too much to have much impact. The dialogue felt a little clunky as well, some of the words and phrases felt a bit forced or just out of place for the story and what was happening.

I mean Turok #5 was not absolutely terrible it just felt like with another issue we could have gotten clearer and exciting ending than what was delivered. I did really enjoy the final page though. That had my mind more excited about possibilities than the actual issue did.


The art has been a bit up and down on Turok. Roberto Castro and Salvatore Aiala have been solid but it has also not been anything amazing either. I have reviewed every issue of Turok (you can check out all the reviews here). The last issue had the best work in it so I was excited that Turok #5 might deliver as well. Sadly this issue was a big letdown.

It was visually just un-exciting, much like the story it felt rushed and kind of boring. The big battle scene with infinite Turok’s and tons of dinosaurs should have been crazy awesome! But it was just kind of bland and honestly, nothing stands out about it which is a shame. Again and I talked about this in my other reviews the dinosaurs do not look good. I mean if you are going to have dinosaurs in your book make them look crazy cool. Again they are dull. The whole final fight is just monotonous and a little uninspiring.

Maybe I am being a little too harsh. I mean the art isn’t terrible and I wouldn’t point it out and say it is bad per se. It also isn’t great either and not something I would show people and be like “look how awesome this is”. Definitely not something you visually picture in your head when you hear giant battle against dinosaurs.


For the most part, I had been enjoying this Turok series for someone who didn’t know much about the property it was an interesting look into the character. Turok #5 just felt rushed to fit everything in and wrap up the series. The ending was okay and actually had me more excited about what stories could come from that than the actual issue itself. The art sadly is just boring and uninspired. While it is not terrible art it could have brought the book up a few pegs by being better.

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