Review – Umbral #4: And Black Waters Remain


Umbral #4Umbral #4: And Black Waters Remain
Scribe: Antony Johnston
Illuminator: Christopher Mitten
Painter: Jordan Boyd
Publisher: Image Comics
Rating 8/10

And we are where we left off in issue # 3 of Umbral, Rascal is with her friend in the Umbral running from some shadows. They find a Pirate Ghost Ship that is lost in the Umbral. Then another ghost shows up, but is he really who he says he is?

Meanwhile, the Thieves Guild is holding a meeting on the missing Oculus. Little do the humans in that room know, they are in the presence of one of the creatures that created this mess. Rascal escapes to the normal world and enters the safety of a smugglers ship. Will she really be safe there?

As usual the art is beautiful.I really enjoyed the depict of the Pirate Ghost Ship, the pale bluish green on top of the dark with hints of strong purple, really looks spectral and out of place. The shadows-forms are becoming more nightmarish and so are the fights.

The story is missing Dalone, I hope his character comes back. Also I would have preferred the prince be reintroduced in a  more subtle manner and for him to be with Rascal more time. That could have make for a cool story arc. But the quickness of Rascal’s reaction also demonstrates that she is an intelligent girl that is aware of the situation and will not let her feelings get in the way of figuring out what it going on. Something that  I was surprised to see was the problem with war. How even when far away it creates wounds that will not heal; and for those who were part of war, the prejudices and the pain never really goes away.

Umbral #4: And Black Waters Remain is a good story that makes you want to know more.


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