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Unrest is a role-playing adventure game set in a fantasy interpretation of ancient India that adapts to death, failure, and the choices you make. Play as ordinary people in a struggle for safety, freedom, and a chance at peace. Use conversation, manipulation (and rarely, violence) to achieve your goals.

When I first saw the description of this game I found myself incredibly curious about not how the game could play out but more so the setting. It’s not often where you see video games explore India and the caste system set a guideline for how their society would live life. When I turned on the game to play it I was greeted with two types of ways to play the game, Myth and Mortal. Myth allows you to save multiple times and is advised to be played if you like to experience all possible outcomes and choose the one you like the most. Mortal takes away saves and makes every decision counts, making this the mode I chose instantly.

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You start the game as a young princess in a kingdom embroiled in internal issues and plagued by poor weather conditions. The game plays like a point and click game with the option to use your WASD keys to move around. I move around and start to talk to the surrounding NPCs to get a grasp of the surroundings and what is currently happening to this kingdom. I’m told about the Naga very briefly and it becomes very clear that the Naga are not welcome in this kingdom by the majority of the people. As I go outside to greet the people I find myself switching characters to show event happening else where.


The soundtrack in this game is absolutely amazing. The creators of this game did an amazing job of capturing India with its very well orchestrated soundtrack. The gameplay can be hit or miss. You point and click or move around with movement keys, which is fine for the kind of game this is, but for some I could see it could be an issue for some as it is an incredibly text-based game. This games strongest point is its story. It is well written and it leaves no decision to be the right decision. Every choice you pick has a consequence and sometimes a reward. You will find yourself playing as different characters as the game continues which allows for you to play from multiple perspectives with no big plot holes to be found.

Overall, this is a very well made game with an intriguing story that is set in a unique land. The choices you make have you feel the consequences later. The soundtrack is beyond amazing and whoever orchestrated this deserves a huge pat on the back! One thing that I didn’t care for is there is no introduction to the player about the caste system and how it works. I feel like a short document at the beginning would have players better understand the caste system. I greatly enjoyed my time with this game and I found it very rewarding. I would highly suggest this game to anyone who enjoys a great and unique story or any person that is a fan of novels.


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