Review: Once Upon a Time S06E15 – A Wondrous Place

Here we are at another episode of Once Upon a Time, this episode “A Wondrous Place” was a step up from the past two but still not as good as it could have been. Normally Jane Espenson episodes are beyond amazing but sadly this seems to be the exception, it’s hard to believe that the same people who wrote “The Other Shoe“, one of my favorites this season also wrote this one. Killian Jones is trapped on the Nautilus and starts off on a journey to get home to Emma, meanwhile, Emma is in Storybrooke heartbroken because she thinks he left her. We see Ariel and Jasmine work together in the flashbacks and finally find out what happened to Agrabah. 

The episode was not bad per say (except for a particular scene at the end) but it just wasn’t altogether memorable. It felt very filler and like they were just biding their time to get to the next plot point.Honestly,  I blame the tacked on drama that makes no sense and has made both Killian and Emma act slightly out of character.

We’re in this together

One of the most enjoyable parts of this episode was the ability to see characters like Jasmine, Aladdin, Ariel and Killian Jones working together. It’s an opportunity to see different characters from different stories interact and Once Upon a Time it’s quite good at that. They are also really good at creating believable female friendships (with the exception of the Emma and Regina forced friendship).

The flashbacks and later on the present time gave us a great number of scenes of Jasmine and Ariel working together and it was amazing. In what other show do you get Ariel and Jasmine flying on a flying carpet (regardless of the bad cgi). We got to see Ariel and Jasmine have a good friendship and try to help each other out, of course, I wish we’d gotten more Eric but alas that was not the case.

Once Upon a Time A Wonderous Place
ABC/Jack Rowand

Jasmine’s friendship helps Ariel get the courage to face Eric, even if he wasn’t Eric in the end, while Ariel’s friendship reminded Jasmine of how strong she could be. And it was amazing to see them having scenes together, Karen David and Joanna Garcia are both wonderful actresses and the latter always brings joy whenever she comes on.

The weird thing about this episode was that it felt both rushed and filler which is never a good combination. It felt like they wanted to close the Aladdin and Jasmine plot because they realized they had no more time for it. Which is a pity because it means now it has formed part of Once Upon a Time’s long list of plots that could have been great but went nowhere. I thought we were going to get more of the savior mythology with Emma and Aladdin but we got nothing. I’m glad that Aladdin and Jasmine at the very least get to live happily ever after and that they got their true loves kiss.

Growing Pains

Jasmine’s whole problem during this episode was the feeling that she wasn’t worth it, that her failures meant she didn’t deserve love or to get her home back. Killian Jones is there to set her on the right path, telling her that what she did in the past doesn’t matter, what matters is the here and now. And reminds her not to push away love.

He was the perfect person to talk to her in this situation as it is something he has faced before. He has long felt that because of his past deeds that he wasn’t worthy of Emma’s love and apparently this impromptu trip has helped him realize this. This episode was actually great for Killian’s growth as a character, he put his mission aside to help someone else in need, doing what a true hero would do. For once he helped restore a couple’s happy ending without Emma or the Charmings help.

I hate contrived drama and this storyline has been ridiculous from the start. It has forced both Killian and Emma to ignore years of development for the sake of the plot. Characters should move the plot along not the other way around. Mostly because I didn’t get to say it for last week’s episode, the idea that Killian would ever leave without telling Emma is ridiculous, especially because he knows it’s her biggest fear.

Once Upon a Time A Wonderous Place
(ABC/Jack Rowand)

Abandonment Hurts

Much has been said about Emma’s actions this episode, and here’s the truth, for one of the first times since I started watching this show in season 1 I was not a fan of Emma’s episode plot line. Especially that last scene in the bar, everything else works with Emma’s character except for that scene.

Emma Swan has come a long way since season 1, she was closed off to love, to family, and to friends. Now she’s happy to the point where she was excited to marry the love of her life, the idea of it didn’t scare her and she wasn’t waiting for the other show to drop. And then it dropped, from her point of view at least.

The audience knows that Killian did not leave because he wanted to but all Emma knows is that she had a big fight with the man she loved and then he was seen with a bag boarding a ship and leaving. So while it wasn’t his intention and he was coming back to her, he still left. For a person with 30 years of abandonment issues that was a lot.

Because this was the man who promised he would never leave her, the man that was there for her, the man that cheated death three times to be with her. So yes her reaction at the beginning of the episode was perfectly understandable.

She absolutely heartbroken right now so she’s not thinking logically, and her superpower doesn’t work when she is this emotional.So the idea that she would try to work, try to pack everything up goes with the character because she doesn’t want to face her emotions so she tries to ignore them. Her walls are back up again. And yet the moment she hears his voice she believes in him because she loves him.


Jasmine: Perhaps Agrabah has found its hero at last

Killian Jones: I do miss that patch of dirt we call home

Ariel: Son of a fish

Killian Jones: I’m trying to get home to you and I will never stop until I do


*Killian and Ariel’s friendship is still one of the most adorable things in the world and their looks when Jasmine and Aladdin kissed were hilariously cute. As were Ariel’s comments like “oyster head” and “Son of a fish”.

*While I don’t blame Emma for not realizing something was off I do blame everyone else (except maybe Charming because he was there for like 5 minutes and had just been hit with the truth of what happened to his father so he gets a reprise) for not being like wait a minute this doesn’t sound like Killian.

*I loved drunk Snow, her beating the Vikings was epic but I was a little peeved that she’d rather get drunk than comfort her clearly heartbroken daughter. 

*The moment Killian tells Aladdin “for two people in love you have terrible communication” I felt like looking at the camera like Jim in The Office like seriously you’re in this mess because of your own lack of communication. 

*Gideon is definitely his father’s son, can we just get rid of all the Rumplestilskin men? They are the worst.

*I really hope this isn’t the end of Nemo because he and Killian have a wonderful relationship, he’s the father Killian deserved to have.


Images via ABC.

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