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Valkyrie #1
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Writers: Jason Aaron & Al Ewing
Artist: Cafu
Colorist: Jesus Aburtov
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover Artists: Mahmud Asrar & Mathew Wilson
Publisher: Marvel
Release Date: July 24th, 2019

Jane Foster is back to being a superhero, but being the last Valkyrie is nothing like being a new Thor, as Jane is learning in Valkyrie #1.


From the Ashes Valkyrie #1 Arises

If you’ve been paying attention to any comic releases from Marvel of late, you’ve probably heard of Jane Foster’s new series. Here to kick off the dramatic change to a fan favorite is Valkyrie #1.

Following the events in War of the Realms, Jane Foster’s character has once again faced a new and major chain. If you’ve been following her character, or the War of the Realms plot, then you’re already well aware of that fact. If you haven’t been following it, then you should consider this review to be full of spoilers for her plot arc.

Valkyrie #1 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Mahmud A. Asrar
Valkyrie #1 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Mahmud A. Asrar

War of the Realms left us off with Jane Foster at the face of something new. She still had fractured pieces of the War Hammer…but they fused with her, altering her somehow. Through that and her sheer determination in the face of grief, Jane Foster became something new. She became the last Valkyrie. That is not just a title for Jane; she is truly a Valkyrie. And that comes with a lot more of a job than she had ever expected.

The timing for Valkyrie #1 is absolutely perfect, given the news coming out about the next Thor movie (Thor: Love and Thunder). I can’t help but feel like they’ve been planning this one for a while now. Still, no complaints here!


The second I heard that Jason Aaron was going to be involved in this project, I knew that Jane Foster was in safe hands. Having Al Ewing join the project was icing on the cake. Together these two are taking on a whole new adventure for Jane, a character that has been seeing a lot of changes of late.

There were a lot of expectations riding on Valkyrie #1. For one thing, it immediately follows War of the Realms—one of the biggest Marvel plots in recent years. For another, it deals with a character who has been through a lot the past few years. She’s battled cancer, taken up the mantle of Thor, lost the mantle, lost her life, been brought back to life, joined the War of the Realms, and now this? To be fair, if anyone has earned her right to become a fulltime Marvel hero, it’s Jane Foster. Jason Aaron worked very hard on that point.

My point is: Valkyrie #1 did, in fact, live up to the expectations of all of that buildup. Being a Valkyrie isn’t the same as being Thor—a fact that Jane is going to have to learn. But she’s also the last Valkyrie, so maybe that’ll give her some liberty to turn the mantle into something of her own. Only time will tell on that part.

Aaron and Ewing made a lot of smart decisions for the new series. They’ve pulled in a lot of established and supportive characters to get the series off the ground, for starters. I’m sure in time Jane will get her own set of antagonists, but for now, the stability is appreciated. And it really lets us focus on Valkyrie and learning her new ability set.

I love that they’ve made a point already of showing us the difference between being a Valkyrie and being a Thor. I also love that they’re handling the title (job, really) with so much respect. Especially considering how often these characters tend to get overlooked in times of peace.


If you enjoyed the cover of Valkyrie #1, then the odds are good you’re going to love the artwork inside. I know I did. Cafu and Jesus Aburtov joined up to bring us the first issue of Valkyrie, and they did a wonderful job of it.

Here they had to make one character have two distinct looks; Jane Foster and Valkyrie. That’s not an easy task, especially when they still want the characters to look similar enough to be believable. They also had to portray a whole new ability set (which I won’t spoil here). And they did an excellent job of it.


Having read Valkyrie #1, I can see why they built up so much for it. This has been a long journey for Jane Foster. And a long journey for her fans, too, for that matter. But it has been a blast. I think that this series is the perfect follow-up for any fans of the Goddess of Thunder.

I feel like they made a lot of smart decisions for the first issue in the series. And I expect that they’ll continue to make similar decisions. That being said, I can’t wait to see how Jane handles the new…dilemma that has been thrown her way.

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