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Valkyrie #10

Writers: Jason Aaron & Torunn Gronbekk
Artist: Ramon Rosanas
Colorist: Jesus Aburtov
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Maturity Rating: T+
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 17th, 2020

Jane Foster is about to face an all-new foe in Valkyrie #10, and with it, she’s going to learn if she has what it takes to save everyone, herself included.


Facing the Darkness in Valkyrie #10

Jane Foster has stepped into the role of the last Valkyrie, and she’s done her job well. Now, in Valkyrie #10, she’s facing a threat like she’s never seen before. Worse, it’s involving those she considers friends, and those she’s sworn to protect.

In her short run (so far) as Valkyrie, Jane has had to do some strange and extraordinary things. Things such as team up with the doctors of the Marvel universe to save an unlikely patient, or forge a path to the unknown.

Valkyrie #10 (Marvel Comics) cover by Mahmud Asrar
Valkyrie #10 (Marvel Comics) cover by Mahmud Asrar

Now? Now she’s going to face against an ancient darkness and hope she has what it takes to save her friends.


Written by Jason Aaron and Torunn Gronbekk, Valkyrie #10 is a thrilling read. After the conclusion of the last issue, we all knew that there were some dramatic moments up ahead. Still, nothing could have prepared us for what was to come.

I love the grand scale that they’ve forced Jane Foster to face here, all while bringing everyone, herself included, down a few levels. It is not a combination I expected, and yet it fits in beautifully with the tone and message of her series thus far.

That there was a little humor here and there (thank you, Mr. Horse) certainly helped to balance out all of those heavier emotions. It was also a nice reminder of all the positive things in life that Jane is constantly fighting for.

In short, this entire plot arc has done wonders for showcasing what it is that Jane’s Valkyrie seeks to do, and the sort of battles she will face. It is the epitome of her story, and I personally can’t wait to see more like it.


Valkyrie #10 was an epic tale, and thus the artwork that went alongside it had to be equally epic. It most certainly was. From the opening scene and all of the darkness it had to offer to a conclusion full of surprising little details, this issue was a visual experience.

Ramon Rosanas was the lead artist for this issue, and their vision is something to behold here. They’re the reason why Valkyrie looks so…intense in certain scenes here, and why the stakes felt so high.

Jesus Aburtov was responsible for the colors, and I sincerely love all of the choices made in this issue. In particular, I found myself fond of the colors used in the last few pages and panels. There was something strangely eerie about it all, which is exceedingly appropriate.

Finally, VC’s Joe Sabino took charge of the lettering, and the tale unfolded through their care. Real effort was made to merge with the scenes, while never blocking any of the artwork I’ve already gushed about. All this, while leading our eyes to specific points on the pages.


Valkyrie #10 is the highlight of the series so far, proving to fans what sort of story we can expect from Jane Foster from now on. I’m looking forward to seeing all of the changes and challenges she faces going forward, especially in response to what has been set up here.

This is easily one of my favorite series being produced. Unfortunately, thanks to the changing times we’re all currently facing, it is probably only going to be available in digital format from now on. Frankly, I’ll take that over losing the series entirely. Still, the collector in me hopes that we can at least count on getting a complete volume of this someday in the near future.


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