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Valkyrie #3
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Writers: Jason Aaron & Al Ewing
Artists: Cafu, Ramon Perez, Cian Tormey & Roberto Poggi, and Frazer Irving
Colorists: Jesus Aburtov & Frazer Irving
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Publisher: Marvel
Maturity Rating: T
Release Date: September 18th, 2019

Valkyrie’s first arc concludes, and it is full of bittersweet moments, dramatic scenery, and a battle she had never prepared for in Valkyrie #3.


A Bittersweet Journey in Valkyrie #3

Valkyrie #3 was every bit as striking, epic, and emotional as fans were expecting (thanks to the dramatic conclusion of the second issue). Jane Foster is still trying to get the hang of being a Valkyrie, but the lack of knowledge hasn’t prevented her from being there for her friends when they need her most.

It was so easy to be excited for this series, especially given the events that occurred during Jane’s run as Thor. And so far, the series has managed to meet those high expectations. The third issue in the series wraps up the first major plot arc, while also setting up for future events. They’re playing it smart, and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited about that.


Valkyrie #3 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Mahmud A. Asrar
Valkyrie #3 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Mahmud A. Asrar

Valkyrie #3 was an enchanting issue; it showed us the farther reaches that only a Valkyrie (and her charges) could hope to reach. For that reason, it was a wholly unique issue. Jason Aaron and Al Ewing managed to push this plot to the fullest, combining emotion and fascination into something truly compelling.

This issue managed to fit in several different scenes, many of which were references to established plots or settings within the Marvel Universe. However, the perspective given had a unique twist to it, altering our expectations. It all made for an incomparable read, to put it mildly.

Valkyrie #3 was full of emotions, for reasons that will be obvious to anybody that read the last issue (or anybody that got it spoiled for them). But it also showed Jane learning more about her role as Valkyrie, and as such, it was vital to her plot.

Finally, the issue took the time to establish a longer-running plot, hinting at events to come and a greater enemy lurking behind the scenes. It’s exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for from these two writers.


The art team for Valkyrie #3 was absolutely massive. The only time you typically see artists in these numbers is for larger compilations. But there are always exceptions to the rule, I suppose. Artists Cafu, Ramon Perez, Cian Tormey, Roberto Poggi, and Frazer Irving all helped out with the lines and inks for this issue. Meanwhile, Irving also helped out with the coloring, alongside Jesus Aburtov. Finally, VC’s Joe Sabino did the lettering for this issue.

With all of those artists involved, it’s no surprise to report that this issue is one of the most striking ones out there. The many worlds and creatures shown ranged from absolutely beautiful, to artistically grotesque.

The artwork for this series has been stellar, so please understand my full meaning when I say that the artwork in this issue is some of the best so far. Everything about it is remarkable and memorable. And I’m hoping to see some prints become available in the future.


Valkyrie #3 brought Jane’s tale to all-new heights. We’ve had a chance to see her learn about her powers, pushing them to a new extreme. These moments were dramatic and bittersweet. But, in a way, it was the sort of beginning she needed in her series. Now we’re just left wondering what will happen next for her.

This series has been everything I had hoped for, and so much more. I’m not afraid to confess my hopes that the series will continue for some time yet.

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