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Valkyrie #7

Writers: Al Ewing & Jason Aaron
Artists: Pere Perez, Jesus Aburtov
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Publisher: Marvel
Maturity Rating: T+
Release Date: January 15th, 2020

Valkyrie and the other doctors of the Marvel universe are teaming up in order to save the most unlikely of patients: Death. But this is not a quest to be taken lightly, as this issue will show us.


Healing the Immortal in Valkyrie #7

When Jane Foster signed up for the job (or is it calling?) of Valkyrie, the odds are pretty good that she never expected to take on such a quest as this. In Valkyrie #7, Valkyrie must step up and heal the most unexpected of patients.

There are issues and plot arcs that push the boundaries of a character. This is one of those stories. Everything about this plot tried Jane and Valkyrie, but in an emotional and moral sense. Looking back at it, it’s become clear that this is an issue that they’ve been building towards for a long time now.

Valkyrie #7 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Mahmud A. Asrar
Valkyrie #7 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Mahmud A. Asrar

Jane Foster has gone through a lot in recent years. But this is one of those moments that forces her to look into her past and make a decision to move forward. It’s powerful and intense, giving credit to Jane and everything that she has gone through.


Valkyrie #7 was a thrilling issue, one that made excellent use of all of the cameos available. If you’ve been reading the series up to now, you’re already well aware of who will be in this issue (hint: they’re all doctors). So none of that will be a surprise—what might surprise you is how they’re used as foils to our main character.

Al Ewing and Jason Aaron did a beautiful job here. The dilemma placed in front of Jane was an existential one. But it was also deeply personal in ways that are difficult to define, and even harder to cope with. This is exactly the sort of story fans have been hoping to see, as it was carefully designed to suit Jane Foster and nobody else.

Truth be told, there’s a lot to love about this issue. Jane’s dilemma is only part of that. The cameos and Jane’s usage of power are also fairly high up there. A personal favorite of mine would be the reference made to another universe—one that the Marvel universe very nearly followed.

It’s refreshing to see a series unafraid to shy away from the darker pasts of their leading character. Jane may have changed a lot in recent years—but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s got a long history in the comics. Seeing that all pulled to the forefront has made her feel more human. It’s, perhaps, a surprising result, but that just proves how carefully they’ve been writing her character, as of late.


The art found inside Valkyrie #7 is absolutely stunning. Given some of the more ethereal concepts being covered here, that’s probably not terribly surprising. Honestly, there are several panels to love in this issue. But I think my personal favorites are both the very first and last panels (both being full-page spreads). These images cut to the core of this series, while also being striking and full of impact.

Pere Perez and Jesus Aburtov worked wonderfully together here. The mystical met the metaphorical, all while being unafraid to show the darker side of this journey. To say that these pages had impact would be putting it too mildly.

VC’s Joe Sabino was the letterer, and he did an excellent job. There was not a shortage in conversation or monologue in this issue, and yet it all seemed to flow smoothly. And, thankfully, it didn’t impede any of that artwork I’ve gushed about.


Valkyrie #7 was a brilliant issue, telling a story to do both Jane Foster and Valkyrie justice. This is the sort of plot fans have been hoping for, and it did not disappoint. While I have zero complaints about this series continuing, I could have been happy, had this been the conclusion. And I feel like that’s saying something.

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