Review – Valkyrie #8 (Marvel Comics)

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Valkyrie #8

Writers: Jason Aaron & Torunn Gronbekk
Artist: Cafu
Colorist: Jesus Aburtov
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Publisher: Marvel
Released: February 19th, 2020
Maturity Rating: T+

Valkyrie #8 is the start of a new plot arc for Jane Foster. ‘At the End of All Things’ is already proving to be dangerous and dramatic, all while pulling in beloved Marvel characters.

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A Sickness is Growing in Valkyrie #8


Valkyrie #8 is the start of a brand-new plot for Jane Foster. ‘At the End of All Things‘ is a plot guaranteed to pull in at least one other fan-favorite character, as you can probably guess from the cover of this issue.

Jane Foster has finally found her footing with the new mantle of Valkyrie. So naturally, that means it’s time to throw something bigger at her. In this case, the new threat has caught the attention of several other heroes.

Main Cover by Mahmud A. Asrar

This is a team-up many fans have been looking forward to. After all, these are two characters with so much history. But it’s also more than that since Valkyrie is a mantle and job that comes from the same origin of Thor himself. It’s fitting.

One quick note before I dive into this review. As with many events that involve other characters, the timing on this issue is fairly important. The events that are about to take place all occur before Thor (2020) #1.


Valkyrie #8 is the dramatic beginning to a new plot arc, and it is not afraid to dive right into the thick of things. Though the issue does start off with a more human element, showing us Jane Foster having a rare moment to relax.

So you know that means things are about to get worse. After all, Jane has not mastered the whole work/life thing yet. She’s new to being a superhero, so we know she’ll get there. But until then, it’s going to provide a few moments of comic relief – something I have a feeling we’ll be needing.

Jason Aaron and Torunn Gronbekk were the authors behind this issue, and while they started off with an amusing tone, they really were willing to dig into something much heavier, with very little warning.

This is an issue with tension and gravity, all while pulling in several fan favorites (one of which is fairly obvious). The humor in these introductions is a perfect balance for the threat and cost that has already been implied.

The new threat is an intriguing one. It’s certainly different, but also very fitting for the task of the last Valkyrie. I’ve got to admit, this series has done an excellent job of coming up with risks that would actually concern one such as she.


Valkyrie #8 features a lot of dynamic and beautiful artwork. That’s about par for the course with this series, but it’s always nice to see. The fighting in this issue is different from what we’ve seen in the series thus far, with the count being numerous, and with plenty of humans nearby and at risk.

The powers and abilities of Valkyrie and other involved characters were all brilliantly portrayed. They were vibrant spots, as well as opportunities for some dramatic panels. The creatures themselves were carefully crafted, being intentionally dark yet distinctly dangerous despite their lack of tone and definition.

Cafu was the lead artist for this issue, working alongside Jesus Aburtov for colors, and VC’s Joe Sabino for lettering. They really went above and beyond for this issue, providing us with a threat worthy of Valkyrie (and everyone else).


Valkyrie #8 was an intriguing start to a brand new plot arc. This new threat is different, yet fits in perfectly with Valkyrie’s wheelhouse. The fact that it has pulled other characters into the fray is a bonus in my book. And I personally can’t wait to see where it’ll lead.

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