Review – Vampironica #2 (Archie Comics)

Life as a Highschool Bloodsucker is Hard in Vampironica #2

So, some old creepy dude murdered Veronica’s parents and turned her into a vampire and she may or may not have killed Reggie! What’s worse is Betty is totally going on a date with Archie Andrews! Veronica cannot catch a break and in Vampironica #2 things keep getting stranger. As her body and mind begin to change she must understand what is going on, but vampires were never her specialty. But when Dilton Doiley discovers her secret they may make the perfect team to stop the undead from overtaking Riverdale.


Vampironica #2 (Archie Comics) cover A by Greg Smallwood
cover A by Greg Smallwood

Greg and Meg Smallwood pick up the story pace with Vampironica #2. While the first issue was more setting everything up, this issue gets it going into gear. I like that Veronica and Dilton Doiley are teaming up; it is a good odd pairing and adds some comedy/levity to the series. With this only being the second issue the story is still pretty straightforward. Veronica is starting to deal with what she is becoming and the struggle between her bloodlust and not wanting to kill. We are slowly starting to have to deal with the vampire presence in Riverdale also. It is small but it seems it will not be long until it may be out of control. The story is good, but like I said, not much is really going on. But I like where it is going.

Vampironica #2 does give me a classic horror movie type feel. The story has nice classic tropes that just fit well with what is happening. I like the feel of it and I also love that Veronica is still upset about not dating Archie while all this craziness is going on.


Greg Smallwood continues to do incredible work in Vampironica #2. Again those borderless panels with white backgrounds continue to look phenomenal on the pages. His panel structure continues to be inventive and a great method of storytelling. One page, he uses a structure that I have seen him use before in Moon Knight with the panels starting wide at the top and slowly getting smaller making almost an exclamation point. It looks fantastic and works perfectly as a storytelling device for that scene. 

Smallwood continues to do some wonderful character work. He has great expressive characters with a nice eye for horror touches. He draws the vampires with more of a bat-like appearance that is wonderfully creepy. There is a delightful page that you can see in the preview pages of Veronica walking through the woods while a bat with red glowing eyes watches her. I am not sure why I love this panel so much, but it reminds me of great classic horror films.


Vampironica is another hit in this Archie Horror line. Right now the story is pretty straightforward but that is not a bad thing. Vampironica #2 gets the gears in motion for what seems like some exciting tales to come. You cannot go wrong with Greg Smallwood on art and once again he shows why he is one of the best in the business. Vampironica has a classic horror feel to it that fits perfectly in comic book form! 

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