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Vampironica #3
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Writer: Greg & Megan Smallwood
Artist: Greg Smallwood
Letterer: Jack Morelli
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Publisher: Archie Comics
Release: September 5, 2018

Veronica and Dilton are set to save Riverdale from the vampire invasion in Vampironica #3.


“Homecoming” Vampironica #3


Veronica has bigger fish to fry than winning Archie’s love from Betty; well, it’s still on her to do list, at least. First, she and Dilton must stop the vampire invasion of Riverdale and cure her vampirism. Seems simple enough: kill the head vampire, who must be that well-dressed creepy old guy that killed her parents and turned her. How many people could he have already turned in Riverdale? Dilton Doiley and Veronica become Riverdale’s resident vampire slayers in Vampironica #3.


VAMPIRONICA #3 Cover by Greg Smallwood

So, it has been about three months since our last installment of Vampironica. In a rare case, the delay in release did not completely derail the story. The last issue set up the Dilton and Veronica team up and basically told us the “vampire rules” for the series. The plot was not advanced that much so it was very easy to remember what had happened previously. Plus, we are only three issues deep. 

Megan and Greg Smallwood up the story pace in Vampironica #3. A lot more happens in this issue than maybe the previous two issues combined, or at least that’s how it feels. The story gets ramped up as Veronica and Dilton have to deal with the Riverdale vampire problem head-on now. The pairing of Dilton and Veronica is great; Megan and Greg squeeze out a ton of quality dialogue between the two and they are a surprise dynamic duo in Vampironica #3.

Veronica makes a successful lead character as well. The Smallwoods give her a great attitude; she still has a little rich-girl smugness to her, but a snarky sense of humor as well. Also, having her act seemingly underwhelmed with being a vampire is very in-character for Veronica.


Greg Smallwood’s art continues to be sensational in Vampironica #3. His character design is fantastic for vampire Veronica; he gives her a nice style and attitude that adds to her characterization mentioned previously. His layouts and panels are always tremendous. The way he structures panels and chooses his “shots” give Vampironica #3 a great flow.

I continue to love his coloring as well. The almost chalky texture gives off an eerie vibe in the more horror-oriented scenes, especially with some red glowing eyes coming from the darkness. He also catches the more lighthearted side of the series with some wonderful bright coloration as well.


Usually, a delay in a series hurts the story, but it did not affect Vampironica #3 that much. It seems the delay issues might be solved, as we have change-up in artists coming for issue #4. The dynamic between Veronica and Dilton continues to be a surprisingly wonderful highlight of the series. The development of vampire-Veronica is also tons of fun. Greg and Megan Smallwood have hit a nice tone in Vampironica, a serious yet “campy” feel that makes it a great read. As always, Greg Smallwood’s art is stellar and a joy to look at. His art helps the story flow tremendously well. It will be interesting to see if the change-up in artists affects the series going forward. For now, do yourself a favor and pick up Vampironica!

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