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Vampironica #5
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Vampironica #5

Writer: Greg Smallwood & Meg Smallwood
Artist: Greg Scott
Colorist: Matt Herms
Letterer: Jack Morelli
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Archie Comics
Release: December 12, 2018

Riverdale is under siege! Archie, Betty, Milton, and Jughead are trying to fight back but it is going to take Veronica to overcome her bloodlust and kill the head vampire to save the town!


“Death Blow”

It is here the final showdown! Veronica infected with vampirism has found a friend and ally in Milton. They have successfully overcome her bloodlust, killed some vampires and convinced her friends to fight against the undead hordes. But, things aren’t looking good in Vampironica #5 Milton, Archie, Jughead, and Betty are surrounded. Only a pool of garlic and holy water stands between them and becoming bloodsuckers themselves. It is up to Veronica to head back to Lodge Mansion and kill the head vampire. She will have to overcome her greatest fears to save Riverdale from the “bloodsucking freaks”.


So, Vampironica #5 is the last issue in the series…maybe, more on that later. Anyway, the brother-sister team of Greg and Meg Smallwood have made this Vampironica series a pretty delightful read. The Veronica and Milton interaction and friendship in issues #2 and #3 were the highlight of the series. Vampironica#5 gets away from that as Veronica strikes out on her own to save the town. It is not terrible but nowhere near as fun as the other issues.

I do like Veronica having to overcome all of her fears to defeat the head vampire. Vampironica #5 is basically a psychological battle for Veronica more than a physical thing. It was a nice dive into her psyche and some good writing from the Smallwood’s. Vampironica #5 does end kind of quickly and abruptly though. When I got to the end it didn’t feel very satisfying. It was more of an “oh, okay I guess it is over”. They could have drummed up the intensity a little more is all I am saying.


(W) Greg Smallwood, Megan Smallwood (A/CA) Greg Smallwood Archie Comic Publications

Greg Scott took over art duties after issue #3 from Greg Smallwood and Matt Herms over the coloring department. They do their best to do a Greg Smallwood impression but it is obviously not him. The art is not bad, but when you have such a great artist like Smallwood on a series and then replace him and have the replacement try to be similar to him it usually doesn’t work. They should have just let the artist do their own thing instead of trying to match the same exact style as Smallwood’s. 

The panel layouts are just not as structured and laid out how Smallwood had been doing the series and the characters just don’t have that “energy” to them that Greg had provided. I mean it kind of looks like what he was doing and I get it they didn’t want a dramatic art shift it just doesn’t work for me. That again is not saying it is bad art Greg Scott and Matt Herms are talented artists, that can be seen. I wish they could have just done their own thing instead.


Vampironica #5 is the end of the series, but then it is not. Somehow Vampironica is supposed to collide with Jughead: The Hunger later in 2019 in Jughead: The Hunger vs Vampironica. I won’t spoil the ending to Vampironica but, I have no clue how that is going to happen? It does make me interested to see how they will make it work. Vampironica started off strong, but it kind of ends in a whimper. Vampironica #5 was okay, but it also could have been a lot better as well.



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