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Venom #16
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Writer: Donny Cates

Artist: Juan Gedeon

Colorist: Jesus Aburtov

Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Maturity Rating: Teen

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Release Date: July 10, 2019

Eddie Brock tries to make money the right way to help his son. But when Carnage comes back to town Venom may have to come back out and play.


Venom #16 – “Come out to Play” 

In Venom #16 Eddie Brock tries to survive without his symbiote, which he finds out may be easier said than done. When his son becomes sick he has to find a way to get him help. That means he needs money, and he has to make it in a legit way. As Eddie struggles to find a way to make cash, a new/old threat comes to light. Something evil and crazy, something that is going to cause absolute Carnage in the Marvel Universe and Eddie Brock’s life.


Venom #16 Cover Art by Joshua Cassara
Venom #16 Cover Art by Joshua Cassara

Donny Cates does a great job in Venom #16. This is his first issue back on Venom after Cullen Bunn took the series on a romp around in the War of the Realms tie-in. Cates is able to reign things back into his story in a fantastic way with this issue. It almost feels like a one-shot story if it didn’t have a major lead into the Absolute Carnage stuff that is about to happen.

Cates does a great job of not only catching readers up to what has happened in his ongoing story but also what happened in War of the Realms in a few short pages. It is a good little recap that doesn’t feel overstuffed or takes up the whole issue. It has been a while since I have reviewed Venom but I continue to enjoy Cates’ take on Eddie Brock. He somehow makes him a character that you don’t want to root for but then you still find yourself hoping he figures everything out.

He makes him kind of a character that, yeah, a lot of bad things have happened to, but he is also responsible for a lot of those bad things as well. You want him to be good and change things but you’re not really sure if it will ever happen? Cates continues this odd little character balance in Venom #16


Juan Gedeon does some astounding art in this issue. His realistic yet cartoonish-type style fits perfectly well for the issue and story. His Venom looks absolutely delightful, he looks as formidable and imposing as the character needs to be. With a fantastic hulking body and grotesque mouth and tongue, Gedeon’s cartooning style really makes the character pop off the pages. He also adds some fantastic background detail as well. The world is full of nice little details that bring the scenes to life. I do also love his dynamic layouts and the movement he shows on the pages. He structures scenes well and the characters have a nice energy to them.

Jesus Aburtov does some excellent coloring work throughout the issue. It merges well with Gedeon’s style. The purple coloration he uses throughout Venom #16 is just delightful. It adds this nice splash of brightness on the pages and just catches the eyes in fantastic ways. Clayton Cowles also gets to have tons of fun with some onomatopoeia with his lettering during the fight scenes. He adds a nicely visceral feeling to the fight scenes with his lettering choices in those scenes.


Venom #16 for me is a great issue. Donny Cates gets his story back on course after taking a little detour with War of the Realms. Cates effectively reminds us of what happened previously in his story and also what happened in War of the Realms while setting up the Absolute Carnage event. The issue also serves as a solid almost one-shot story as well. The art is just fantastic; Juan Gedeon’s style works superbly well, adding in some great coloring work from Jesus Aburtov and some stellar lettering from Clayton Cowles. This issue was an absolute delight to look at.

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