Review – Venom #3 (Marvel Comics)

Maximum Carnage in Venom #3

Eddie Brock has a lot going on in his life in Venom #3. His symbiote is still acting crazy, speaking a weird language and getting harder and harder to control. If that wasn’t enough, a giant symbiote-type dragon is attacking the city and now he has to deal with Mile Morales Spider-Man trying to settle a score! Will Spider-Man come to his senses and realize this is not the same Venom from his previous life? What is this giant dragon symbiote, really, and what does it have to do with Venom? Eddie Brock’s life has been a mess lately and it is about to get messier in Venom #3!


Venom #3 (Marvel Comics) cover by Ryan Stegman
Cover by Ryan Stegman

Donny Cates left us with a good cliffhanger in Venom #2 with Miles Morales swinging into the fray. I do not keep track of the Spider-Man titles, but Cates does a pretty good job letting us know about this case of mistaken identity and what the beef between this Spider-Man and Venom is. The two must settle their differences quickly, as this new, powerful foe is destroying the city. Cates gives us the big reveal of what this creature truly is in Venom #3 and it is a little underwhelming. I am not sure what it was about Venom #3 but it all felt a little underwhelming as a whole. It seemed to be lacking that emotion Donny Cates usually puts into his writing. The story beats maybe also felt a little too formulaic compared to what we have been given the past two issues.

Donny Cates has been doing a great job of getting us into the mind of Eddie Brock. He does this a little bit in this issue, but it feels like this issue dealt more with just revealing the true nature of this big bad. It is not a bad story, just not to the heights of the other two issues. I do like that Cates fits this into the Marvel continuity. With one line he explains why the Avengers aren’t here and fits it into the main Marvel Universe. It is something very simple that I wish other writers would do more often.


Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, and Frank Martin continue to deliver some stunning visuals in Venom #3. They have been a fantastic art team and continue to impress throughout this issue. They deliver some wonderfully detailed panel and pages with some jaw-dropping scenes. I love how Frank Martin plays with red and black colorations throughout Venom #3. From the crazy red swirls on Venom, Miles Morales’ red and black costume, to the ominous blood-red sky, Martin makes all these colors stand out in a wonderful way.

Stegman continues to do some fantastically detailed penciling work throughout the issue. He gets great emotion out of the Venom symbiote when it is not connected to Eddie. Mayer’s inks work tremendously well with Stegman’s penciling work. He adds that right touch of detail to really bring out everything happening throughout the issue.


Venom #3 was not my favorite issue of this series. It is not bad, it just lacks that emotion that I felt in the previous issue. Maybe I hold Donny Cates to a little higher standard from his previous work. The big reveal also did not have a big impact on me. I do like the implications of what is to come from this issue. It seems like from this Cates will be digging into more emotional aspects of Eddie Brock later. That puts me in a hard place for the story. As an issue it was okay, not bad but not great, and that being said, I like what it might lead to storywise later on. The visual aspect of Venom #3 continues to be fantastic and is a joy to look at.

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