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Wasted Space #10
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Writer: Michael Moreci
Artist: Hayden Sherman
Colorist: Jason Wordie
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Publisher: Vault Comics
Release Date: May 29th, 2019

Wasted Space #10 follows up perfectly to the cliffhanger of the last issue, and then some. The story told here is a complex one, but so very fascinating.


Wasted Space #10 Will Toy With Your Emotions

If you’ve been following Wasted Space, then you’re already well aware of how good this series is at toying with your emotions. The twists and turns make it hard to predict or anticipate, and that’s part of what makes this series so interesting. Wasted Space #10 is a perfect example of a comic book cocktail. There’s a little bit of everything in it. And that’s a good thing. There was a lot that needed to be told in this issue, as Billy’s story is advancing rapidly. But they balanced it well.


Wasted Space #10 (Vault Comics) cover by Hayden Sherman
Wasted Space #10 (Vault Comics) cover by Hayden Sherman

Wasted Space #9 left us off with a bit of a cliffhanger. Actually, it left us with one heck of a cliffhanger. So this issue was anxiously received and read. And then read again. As far as follow-ups to cliffhangers go, this was a solid one. Everything was explained and then things just…moved on. To be fair, there was a lot of ground to cover.

Man, Michael Moreci is just not afraid to take risks with this series, is he? This issue had multiple forms of storytelling used, and they took risks with the characters as well. It’s refreshing to see such a unique series take so many risks. And it certainly makes the series stand out more.

The balance between flashbacks and the present was where this issue really shone, in my opinion. I’ve been really enjoying learning more about Billy and how the heck he got to this point. Everything we’ve learned so far helps to explain his behavior in the present, which I greatly appreciated.

The conclusion for this issue wasn’t quite a cliffhanger…but it was just enough to ensure that we’ll be coming back for the next issue! And we’ll be looking forward to it, too.


The artwork for Wasted Space #10 is so vibrant and unique. There’s a rougher quality to it, but it really works for the story being told. In this case, it goes a long way to convey the tone of the series itself. It’s futuristic, but not perfect and clean like we’d all hope or dream. It’s bright, but not necessarily safe.

Hayden Sherman and Jason Wordie are the artists behind this issue, and I love all of the decisions they made here. Sherman’s linework is the soul of this series, perfectly carrying Moreci’s writing to where it needs to be. Meanwhile, Wordie’s use of vibrant colors makes the world and series come to life. It’s brilliant and memorable for these reasons alone.


Wasted Space #10 was the exact sort of follow-up I had been hoping for…and so much more. It’s amazing how quickly this series sucked me in. But now I’m desperately waiting for the next issue to reveal more.

I love how unique this series has been, and how many risks it has been taking. While the other issues in the series have had their fair share of impactful moments, this issue felt the most human for many different reasons.

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