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Wasted Space #7
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Wasted Space #7

Words: Michael Moreci
Art: Hayden Sherman
Colors: Jason Wordie
Publisher: Vault Comics
Release Date: February 27, 2019

Reunions and betrayals! Our reckless heroes stage a rescue mission to save Rex—and secure the nuke still threatening to kill everyone. Along the way, Billy and Molly make a pit stop at a galactic gas station, where they discover brain-freezes and morality, and past demons catch up to Dust and Fury.


Reunions and Betrayals in Wasted Space1 #7


Wasted Space #6 gave us an eclectic crew on a mission and Wasted Space #7 gives us action, reunions, and betrayals. #7 gives us plenty of action as the crew continue on their mission to save Rex. There is no dull moment in this issue.


Wasted Space #7 Cover Art (Vault Comics)
Wasted Space #7 (Vault Comics) Cover Art by Hayden Sherman

I think this has been my favorite installment so far! Moreci writes with an energy that makes it easy to get caught up. As with the previous installments, the dialogue is tight and engaging. It almost feels too short…the countdown for the next issue is on!

We are given more philosophy with some in-depth conversations on morality, almost reminiscent of The Good Place, but in space and with some seriously badass characters. Molly and Billy discuss what it means to be good; or as good as you can be in a galactic gas station in the most sordid parts of the galaxy. It’s light-hearted while at the same time genuine. 

However, Moreci’s writing is particularly strong with Dust and Fury. I mentioned in my earlier review of Wasted Space #6 that I was excited to read about what happens between the pair and #7 did not disappoint. Fury is a brilliant character, and while Molly and Billy’s discussion on philosophy is overt, the dialogue between the two Fuq bots is less so and it adds a lot more. There is a genuine conflict, loyalty, and love that’s written beautifully here. 


We are treated to Sherman’s unique style once again in Wasted Space #7. The richness and color are quite literally out of this world. I mean, look at that cover art! In my opinion, it’s the best cover art of the series; not sure if I can get a print of it but I’ll be looking into it for sure!

That same raw artwork just ties in so well with the dialogue. While it can seem messy, there are stand-out panels that I just keep coming back just to look at them. The splashes of color really enhance the outer-world experience—especially in darker panels with a literal splash of color. 

I’m in love with Fury’s design, for example. In the span of one issue, her design is captivating. Sherman captures the emotive Fury in such a way that you are really drawn in. She’s just such a fascinating character and so unique in design and dialogue that I’m super pumped to see what #8 has in store. 


This series is one that just keeps getting better and better. Moreci and Sherman are only going from strength to strength with the world they’ve created. The charm and emotion with each dilemma only make for an action-packed issue. I’ll always take comics over lectures for my philosophy and morality lessons, so I’m definitely looking forward to the next issue in the series! 

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