Review – Wasted Space #8 (Vault Comics)

Wasted Space #8
Wasted Space #8
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Words: Michael Moreci
Art: Hayden Sherman
Colors: Jason Wordie
Publisher: Vault Comics
Release Date: March 27, 2019

Dust needs an arm, Billy needs redemption. Only one of these quests goes according to plan.


Everyone On A Quest In Wasted Space #8


Wasted Space is a series that keeps on giving and Wasted Space #8 promises to be the strongest of the series. We’re really getting deeper into the characters’ development. 

With Wasted Space #7 we found out that Vault Comics was making this an ongoing series. And that can only mean that this series is just going to get better and better. 


Wasted Space #8 (Vault Comics) Cover Art by Hayden Sherman
Wasted Space #8 (Vault Comics) Cover Art by Hayden Sherman

The pace has slowed somewhat for Wasted Space #8 but that doesn’t mean the energy isn’t there. Michael Moreci’s writes with strong craftsmanship as he really focuses in in the layers of the story and the characters. 

He develops this by working on both the main plot and adding in an additional side-quest. The crew takes a break from their main mission of getting to Phobox to “kill the shit out of as many rich a-holes”, Billy and Dust are off in search of a new arm.

Meanwhile, Molly and Rex remain aboard the ship having a deep conversation revisiting their less than ideal childhood and look to a path of redemption. 

Moreci’s writing makes for a polished and structured plot. And as always his scriptwriting is absolutely fantastic. We get some real humorous moments, which I’ll get into later and but suffice to say Moreci and Sherman are a dream team when it comes to world building.

As with previous issues, the real underlying strength is with the philosophical dialogue. It’s effective, efficient and really just well done. There is just a great impact in terms of consequence as we see with Molly and her brother. That one scene…it’s just bloody brilliant!


Hayden Sherman visuals go hand in hand with Moreci’s world building. This issue really allows Sherman to use his talents in the emotions of characters.

More than that, Sherman’s art adds to the humor of the issue. Particularly when Dust and Billy land on the lawless planet ready for their own mission.  The paneling in this issue is really well done. And again, the character framing in this issue really helps to carry the pace. The focus is right where it needs to be. 

As I’ve mentioned in previous issues Sherman’s work is layered and raw and I can think of no other style that would work better with Moreci’s writing.

Jason Wordie also adds vibrancy with his coloring, particularly in making the city and landscapes stand out with dominant blues. 


This promised to be the best of the series and honestly, I couldn’t agree more. The issue is wonderfully written as it begins to fully realize the characters, exploring their emotion, drives, and personalities. The writing and art are dynamic and poignant. 

My only complaint is that it’s too short! I really can’t wait to read the next issue and see what’s next for the team. 

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