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Wasted Space #9

Writer: Michael Moreci
Artist: Hayden Sherman
Publisher: Vault Comics
Maturity Rating: Mature
Released: May 8th, 2019

Wasted Space #9 brings the second plot arc of Wasted Space to an explosive close. This issue will leave you wanting to read more!


Billy Bane Barrels Forward in Wasted Space #9



Billy Bane hasn’t exactly been the most willing of heroes…but at least he’s stepped up for the job. More or less. In Wasted Space Billy is trying to fix everything he broke, even though he’d really just prefer to stay away from humanity on the whole.

Wasted Space #9 brings us the conclusion of the second major plot arc of the series, which naturally means the stakes are high and emotions even higher. Unfortunately that doesn’t automatically mean that Billy thought out his actions any more than usual…but we’ve gotten pretty used to that with him.

This series has been interesting, unparalleled, and dare I say fun? It’s quirky, unafraid to take risks, and overall simply entertaining. The series is undeniably a space opera full of offbeat characters and out there plots. But it also questions a lot of important topics at the same time, forcing the reader to think as they go.


Wasted Space #9 Cover Art by Hayden Sherman (Vaiult Comics)
Wasted Space #9 Cover Art by Hayden Sherman (Vaiult Comics)

The latest issue of Wasted Space, is arguably the most shocking. Or at least, it feels that way at the moment. Maybe once the next plot arc starts up it won’t feel that way so much. Michael Moreci has never been afraid to take risks, and Wasted Space #9 just proves that.

There were a few different storytelling techniques used in this issue, and I honestly think it was a brilliant decision. This issue had so much impact because of the way we were provided with information.

The introduction may have felt silly or cartoonish, but the issue quickly changed to something darker. I won’t say that this was the darkest subplot shown, but it sure has the potential to cause some intense emotional reactions.

The conclusion to this issue is admittedly a cliffhanger – there’s no way to call it anything but that. But I also feel like it was put to good use. It wasn’t a cheap trick to get readers to come back. But rather a moment where fans were forced to stop and think about everything that led up to this point. And wonder.


The artwork for Wasted Space has always been a little on the rough side, but it’s a style I personally enjoy. And I don’t think I’m the only one, since Vault keeps courting comics with this style.

At first it may have felt like the style for this issue actually changed. There were characters that seemed almost chibi in form. But it was quickly proven that Wasted Space #9 is no exception to the style norm. Hayden Sherman is the artist for this issue, and he’s the reason for so much personality shining through. The use of thick lines, bright backgrounds, and motion lines went a long way in supporting the stories being told here.


Wasted Space #9 was one of the more dramatic issues in the series so far, but since it concludes a major plot that makes sense. It was an intense read, one that elicited emotional reactions, one of which being shock. Despite that (and possibly because of) it was still absolutely worth reading.

I personally really enjoyed the different types of storytelling used in this issue. It made the issue go by in a blur, but it also increased the impact of what was being told. And of course, now I’m anxious to see what happens next in this series.


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