Review – Wayward #2

Wayward #2Story By: Jim Zub

Art By: Steve Cummings

Art By: John Rauch

Cover By: Steve Cummings

Cover By: Ross A. Campbell

Variant Cover By: Riley Rossmo


Wayward looks like a coming of age story.  A girl moves from Ireland to Japan. Her parents divorced, she stayed for a while with her dad but it did not work out so she moved to Japan with her mother. She knows Japanese and is aware of the culture, but weird things start happening, she sees things, monsters? She realizes she is not alone, a girl and her cats sees the monsters too but disappears. In this issue our protagonist is trying to get used to Japan and starts school. School is a very big deal in Japan. The author dedicates a couple of pages explaining that a Japanese High School can be like an American college. Schools are specialized and you need an entry exam, the most prestigious the high school the better University you can get in. This explanation makes me realize that maybe that is why so many Japanese stories are based on school aged kids, school is pretty much the center of a teenagers life and juggling a social life and in this case special powers with school must be hard.

The story starts good, with Rori adjusting to Japan and trying to process what she experienced with Ayane. School goes as planned but there is something wrong and it feels too soon in the story for something supernatural to happen even if is just a feeling. Also we notice Rori has a self-destructive way of handling pressure, this is actually a good subject to touch on a coming of age story were the main character comes from a broken family, but again with the weird feeling of something supernatural and then this happening, I think it should be vice versa, more school, than self-destructive behavior and then the supernatural weird feeling. Also we realize what is wrong very easily and the issue resolves as if nothing major had happened. Otherwise it is a fun read. The art is marvelous and so are the colors.


Wayward #2


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