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West Coast Avengers #9
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Writer: Kelly Thompson
Artist: Gang Hyuk Lim
Colorist: Triona Farrell
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Artist: Gang Hyuk Lim
Maturity Rating: T+
Publisher: Marvel
Release Date: March 20th, 2019

West Coast Avengers #9 continues the crazy action of the past few issues, but it manages to ramp up the intensity at the same time.


West Coast Avengers #9 Has Moms and Vampires and Cults, Oh My!

West Coast Avengers has been having a lot of fun, going after land sharks and coming up against some surprising enemies. But now it’s time to get serious. There’s too much going on to take this lightly anymore, and the crew is starting to truly realize that. West Coast Avengers #9 has some surprising moments in it, but it’s all perfectly laid out. There’s some much-needed character development here, as well as an increased sense of risk for our characters. It’s making it all feel so much more real. And of course, they’re not above poking fun at the fact that the series is ending quite soon. There’s an ironic t-shirt in the mix for this issue. See if you can spot it.


West Coast Avengers #9 (Marvel Comics) cover by Gang Hyuk Lim
West Coast Avengers #9 (Marvel Comics) cover by Gang Hyuk Lim

Kelly Thompson truly has done wonders with this series. It went from being an interesting but silly concept that I picked up for fun to one of my favorite series in no time. The series is a breath of fresh air. It’s so different from everything else out there right now. It’s not afraid to make fun of itself, while also having some truly strong characters along for the ride.

This issue increases the intensity of the plots, throwing silly out the window altogether, but it’s so absolutely perfect. The only shame is that this is happening so close to the end of the series. I’d love to see more of it.

West Coast Avengers #9 gives some much-needed character development to one character in particular. It’s been feeling like she really needed a chance to shine, so this moment was greatly appreciated. Though I’ll admit more than an idle curiosity on how that would play out in the long run (man, would I kill to see a series about her).

There are some humorous moments strewn about the serious moments, which is pretty iconic of all the characters involved, and thus this series. It helped balance things out and keep the plot relatively relaxing, despite the stakes.

Right up until the end, that is. The conclusion was completely unexpected. The next issue can’t come soon enough, because I absolutely need to know what happens next! But seriously, it’s good to have a solid twist like that every now and then.


West Coast Avengers #9 is just as vibrant as all of the previous issues. It really isn’t afraid of colors, is it? Though there are plenty of dark panels (courtesy of the cult) to even out the tones for this issue.

Gang Hyuk Lim did the lines for this issue. You can tell that he has a lot of fun with this series, from the expressions of the characters down to the quirky little details. I’d also like to think that he’s the one responsible for the t-shirt in this issue (though that very well could have been Kelly Thompson’s idea).

Triona Farrell did the colors that I was gushing about just a paragraph ago. Her shading is divine, subtle where it needs to be, and frequently understated. I adore it. And of course I simply love the color palette too, so I’m slightly biased here.


West Coast Avengers #9 was a surprisingly intense issue, but it also brought along with it some much-needed tension and depth. It was brilliant to see another character get a chance to shine. The conclusion guarantees that I’ll be reading the next issue as well, though, realistically, I’d be reading it anyway.

For the second-to-last issue, I’d say they’re leading up to one heck of a goodbye. It’s really perfect, when you look at it that way. Though obviously I’d prefer the series to stick around longer.

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