Review – Winter Soldier #5 (Marvel Comics)

Winter Soldier #5
Winter Soldier #5
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Writer: Kyle Higgins
Artist: Rod Reis
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release: April 10, 2019

Bucky Barnes has come a long way with RJ, but reuniting him with his father was a mistake, now RJ’s father is dead and it is Bucky’s fault, what does that mean for RJ?


“Redemption Song” Winter Soldier #5


Bucky Barnes has been trying to make amends for his past since escaping Hydra control. But years of brainwashing, being frozen and unfrozen and doing horrible things while not under your own control can mess you up. Bucky Barnes “The Winter Soldier” is very messed up individual. But, here he is trying to make things better and trying to help people that are in similar predicaments. In lives, they don’t want to be in any more or situations they want out of. He wants to help people make themselves better. On this path, he met RJ a young child groomed to be a killer like himself. He rescued RJ from Hydra and formed a bond with the kid. RJ’s dad even showed up. Bucky let RJ reconcile with his father…a mistake

Now in Winter Soldier #5, the final issue of the mini-series after Bucky found out RJ’s father was bringing his son back down the same criminal path “The Winter Soldier” stepped in. In a scuffle, RJ’s dad hit his head and died. Now Bucky must face RJ, does he tell him the truth or lie? What is the right decision for Bucky and RJ and which one can or will save RJ?


Winder Soldier #5 Cover Art by Rod Reis
Winder Soldier #5 Cover Art by Rod Reis

Man, Kyle Higgins paced this Winter Soldier five issue mini-series incredibly well. I was a little bit worried about this final issue as it felt like a lot had to be dealt with before the ending. But, Higgins ended the series in an oddly satisfying way. Obviously, I am not going to spoil how Winter Soldier #5 ends, but it is a good ending that leaves room for the mind to wander. A good mini-series ending as well, it leaves me wanting more, but also satisfied with what I got.

The main theme going through this series is redeeming yourself and coming to terms with one’s self. Bucky has transformed himself into someone who wants to help people to make him feel like a good person. To account for all the horrible things he did. He sees himself in RJ and he hopes to save him from the mental torment he has gone through himself. Higgins did a fantastic job of getting into all these characters heads and bringing that theme out throughout the issues. It is a very good story about trying to find “redemption” and what that actually means.


Rod Reis’s art style continues to fit this series perfectly (you can read my reviews for issue #1 and #3). He did a fantastic job of getting the “emotions” of the series across the pages. Especially in this last issue, he caught some fantastic character sentiments. Those few final pages are great and without the words, you can feel what the characters are going through.

The more action-oriented things were great as well. It is not something that normally stands out with Reis’s style but in this series, the movements and pacing of the action scenes were very well done. I think a lot of the emotional and the action scenes are helped by Reis’s coloring work. I really do not know how to describe how the color makes me feel or affects the series. But, his coloring work brings out some great “emotions” in the scenes, whether it is anger, grief or any other emotion Reis just brings that to life with some great coloring work. I feel like Tom Haverford on Parks and Rec.


I think a lot of people “slept on” this Winter Soldier mini-series. Which unfortunately happens to a lot of mini-series in the comic book world. Kyle Higgins for me really stuck the landing story wise in Winter Soldier #5. It had an ending that left me wondering and wanting more, yet satisfied with what I got at the same time. Rod Reis really impressed me with his work on this series. He did a fantastic job of bringing everything to life in this series with some great artwork. If you want a good solid contained story then I would implore you to pick up Winter Soldier #5 and the back issues or grab the trade when it comes out, you won’t be disappointed.

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