Review – Wolverine #5 (Marvel Comics)

Wolverine #5 (Marvel Comics) main cover (detail) by Adam Kubert
  • Writing - 6.8/10
  • Art - 7.5/10
  • Overall - 7.2/10


Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Viktor Bogdanovic
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Letterer: Cory Petit
Maturity Rating: Teen+
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: September 2, 2020

Omega Red is under the service of the un-dead king, Dracula, who has taken over Russia. But what does Dracula want with Wolverine? All we know is that it can’t be something good!

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“Vampires Everywhere” Wolverine #5

Wolverine #5 finds everyone’s favorite feral mutant back home in the Great White North of Canada, but this is no homecoming party. After a run-in with a rowdy crew at a secluded bar, Wolverine finds himself in dire straits: caught by Omega Red, frozen solid in a block of ice, left in the clutches of none other than Dracula and the vampire horde!

Wolverine #5 (Marvel Comics) Heroes at Home variant cover by Adam Kubert
Wolverine #5 (Marvel Comics) Heroes at Home variant cover by Adam Kubert

What do the vampires want with Wolverine? Whatever it is, it can’t be good. How will Logan get out, and will he be able to stop the undead before it is too late? These bloodsuckers may be mean and bloodthirsty, but they ain’t near as mean and bloodthirsty as the Wolverine! And they are about to find out first-hand/claw as the ice begins to thaw.


I actually haven’t read a Wolverine solo series in quite some time. I heard some chatter about issue #4 so I figured why not check out Wolverine #5? Plus, with this beautiful main cover, how could I not? What a surprise when you jump into a series and the issue involves not only vampires but Dracula himself! Let me tell you it is a delightful surprise indeed!

Look, we all know I love a good “Dracula in the Marvel Universe” story; I was also excited to see Benjamin Percy writing Wolverine #5. I usually always enjoy his stuff. The issue itself is pretty straightforward and easy for anyone to jump into. You can completely enjoy this issue without reading anything else previously in the series. 

Percy does a good job with the issue. He sets up the story well and it is an enjoyable read. I like that he ties this in with Jason Aaron’s Avengers with Dracula taking over Russia, which makes the Omega Red deal make sense. I do wish we got more Dracula in this, but I love that Percy follows some continuity.

The issue itself, while I am not going to complain about Wolverine fighting vampires, does feel like it was cut short or rushed a bit. By the time we get to the “meat of the story” it feels like it kind of just ends. I won’t spoil anything but the ending ties apparently with Marvel’s Fortnight stuff and it also says up next X of Swords. So it was kind of a weird ending. The whole issue just felt the pacing of the story was just off, and then that ending was just a bit of a letdown, as I was wanting more of this story happening in Wolverine #5.


Viktor Bogdanovic is not a name I am familiar with, but he handles the art in Wolverine #5. His style reminds me a little bit of a Greg Capullo type styling, with the rougher, textured lines and character design. Overall, Bogdanovic has a good style for the issue. Solid visual storytelling; I would like maybe a tad more detail here and there, but overall, good work.

Bogdanovic has some good layouts and the last fight scene was a fun little battle. I do enjoy his use of shadows throughout Wolverine #5. He does a good job of capturing the more moody, somber tone of the issue. A lot of the mood and tone of the issue has to be given credit to colorist Matthew Wilson. Wilson is one of the best colorists in the industry and it shines throughout Wolverine #5.

He does a fantastic job of adding that horror tone and feel to the issue. Lots of low-lighted scenes and darkness throughout the issue. Wilson captures it all magnificently well. As we are dealing with snow, the north, and vampires, there is a sense of homage feel to 30 Days of Night that is captured in the issue.


I enjoyed the concept and idea of Wolverine #5, and the issue itself was an okay read that felt like it was building up to something better. It just felt like the issue itself was rushed and cut off at the legs by having it go into “X of Swords” event coming up. While aslotieing in with the Fortnight comic story. I am though always a sucker for a good Marvel Universe Vampire/Dracula story so I can’t really hate it. I do wish we were closer to Halloween! Hopefully the story picks back up around October. 

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