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Wonder Twins #1
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Writer: Mark Russell
Artist: Stephen Byrne
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: February 13, 2019

Zan and Jayna are trying to be normal teens, but being normal is not one of the Wonder Twins’ special abilities.


Wonder Twin Powers, Activate! in Wonder Twins #1

DC Comics’ Wonder Comics imprint launches another new series in Wonder Twins #1. Zan and Jayna were brought to Earth by Superman. The two siblings are trying to fit in on Earth. High school is awkward enough without being alien twins. Zan and Jayna also intern with the Justice League; when your peers are high school kids and superheroes things can get a little crazy. But Zan and Jayna try to make the best of their situation.


Wonder Twins #1 (DC Comics) main cover by Stephen Byrne
Main cover by Stephen Byrne

Mark Russell brings his unique writing style to the main DC Universe in Wonder Twins #1. Anybody that has read Russell’s other work (The Flintstones, Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles, Prez) knows he has a very unique voice. His witty tone and biting political humor tend to shine through in all of his works. It is definitely front and center in Wonder Twins #1. The politics may be turned down a little for the first issue (there is a lot still there, mind you), but that also doesn’t mean Russell doesn’t go for some overtly goofy humor as well throughout the issue.

Wonder Twins #1 feels like an animated show that would be featured on Adult Swim! You’ve got these two very awkward teenagers who are trying to fit in while in school and interning with the Justice League. This gives Russell a wealth of material to work with in the series. We go from Zan trying to be very cool and failing with his classmates to Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman discussing the Twins’ very “useful” powers.

Wonder Twins #1 is a pretty solid comedy, I found myself chuckling at quite a few gags across the pages. Russell does have some heart to the story as well. It is not all pure comedy; we get a little feeling for the characters. We also get a little mystery, as we are not exactly given the reason why Superman had to take them from their home planet.


The best thing I can compare Stephen Byrne’s art to in Wonder Twins #1 is an episode of Archer. His stiff characters and straight bold lines look exactly like it. In general, I wouldn’t be a fan of this style for a comic book series. It is just a little too rigid; the characters feel very stagnant and there is no movement or sense of motion. That being said, it works extremely well in Wonder Twins #1.

The more stiff-feeling characters make the jokes in the issue hit a lot harder. I am not sure, maybe it is because the style feels like those adult animated comedy shows that it already gets me in that mindset. It just works well for the series. The coloring fits well also. The brighter coloration gives the issue a little “lighter” feel to it.


I am pretty sure no one is picking up Wonder Twins #1 for nostalgic purposes. Most people know them from Super Friends and being super lame (I’ll see myself out). I mean, a friend and I did used to say “Wonder Twin Powers, Activate!” and fist bump before every Physics test in high school (I think it helped me pull off a C in that course), but honestly, nobody really cares about them. It was a very smart idea to give the Wonder Twins to Mark Russell. His sharp writing and comedy skills can definitely make a series that should be terrible into a must read (see The Flintstones). The art fits the tone and feel of the issue. If you are looking for a good laugh you should definitely pick this up.

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