Review – Wonder Twins #2 (DC Comics)

Wonder Twins #2 (DC Comics) variant cover (detail) by Ramon Villalobos
Wonder Twins #2
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  • Art - 7/10
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Writer: Mark Russell
Artist: Stephen Byrne
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: March 13, 2019

Jayna and Zan continue to adapt to their new lives on Earth. Their high school field trip to prison doesn’t go so well and now they have a new assignment from the Justice League to take care of.


“They’re Trying to Build a Prison” Wonder Twins #2


Jayna and Zan, the Wonder Twins, are still adapting to life on Earth. They have much to learn about life as Earthlings and being superheroes in the Justice League. They have a new assignment: take down the League of Annoyance, starting with supervillain Drunkula! Plus, they learn about the faulty prison system and Zan orders a monkey! All in Wonder Twins #2!


Wonder Twins #2 (DC Comics) main cover by Stephen Byrne
Wonder Twins #2 (DC Comics) main cover by Stephen Byrne

While Mark Russell‘s politically-biting/social commentary type writing style may have been toned down some in Wonder Twins #1, it comes full force in Wonder Twins #2. Obviously from the synopsis Russell talks a lot about the prison system of the U.S. in this issue. He uses it well for some nice gags and jabs at the system as Jayna doesn’t understand its purpose and questions its reasoning for continuing. Russell balances out Jayna’s more political commentary with Zan’s overall aloofness to everything. Zan just wants to be cool and fit in, while Jayna wants change.

Wonder Twins works a lot like Russell’s Flinstones series. It is a comedy mixed with social commentary and overall goofiness. The Flintstones was a great series but it had some misses and Wonder Twins #2 kind of falls in that category. It is not bad, but some of the jokes and commentary land a little flat. The whole prison system commentary, while good, kind of gets dragged out by the end of the issue. 

The highlight is probably the battle against the vampire villain Drunkula and the League of Annoyance. Russell plays with the concept of a sober vampire and some “D” level supervillains well.


Stephen Byrne continues to deliver all the art in Wonder Twins #2. Much like the first issue, his more stiff and rigid character work with bold ink lines works extremely well for this series. It helps deliver some of the more dead-pan humor lines well. Comedy can be a little hard to pull off visually in a comic book but Byrne does it well. I like the brighter color usage; it gives a nice “not so serious” tone to Wonder Twins.

The art is fine in Wonder Twins #2, but nothing honestly really stands out either. It is good solid art that fits the book well, but there is nothing that is superbly eye-catching either. It makes it hard to comment on, as it is not bad, but also not something that you are like “look at this!” either.


Wonder Twins #2 is one of those “middle of the road” issues. It is good but not great. It is just a solid comic book. The writing is good but not as sharp or as “smooth” as Russell can be. The political commentary is a little too on the nose and doesn’t have that good “bite” that Russell usually brings. The comments about the prison system get old by the end of the issue (it did get “Prison Song” by System of a Down stuck in my head). The art, again, is good solid art that fits the issue well, but also is nothing crazy or that memorable. There are some good sight gags and one-liners in Wonder Twins #2; it is just not as solid as the first issue.

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