Review – Wonder Woman #43 (DC Comics)

Is the End Near in Wonder Woman #43?

Readers came to learn of Darkseid’s true intentions in Wonder Woman #42. The Lord of Apokolips is determined to gain powers from a time when the “old gods were the new gods.” This means he may be able to control the Amazonian army. However, with the recent news of Justice League Odyssey, it will be interesting to see if Darkseid’s actions in Wonder Woman #43 “Amazons Attacked Part 3” will play into the new story-line.


Wonder Woman #43 - Cover Art by Paul Renaud
Wonder Woman #43 – Cover Art by Paul Renaud

Not only is Wonder Woman trying to get to the bottom of Darkseid’s treachery, but Steve Trevor is helping Jason in any way that he can. Diana asked Trevor to train Jason so that he might gain control over his new powers. While Trevor does what is asked of him, he cannot help letting Jason know that he doesn’t trust him. With tensions rising between the two, one must wonder if Jason will do something rash while his sister is out of the picture? While Jason and Trevor protect the few remaining relics that Darkseid is after, Wonder Woman interrogates Lashina and Mad Harriet. She hopes to learn what they know about Darkseid’s true intentions.


James Robinson’s writing in Wonder Woman #43 is decent. All the dialogue sounds genuine and character motivations are mostly logical. There was a moment where Steve Trevor sounds little paranoid, though. The fact that he has a tactical plan to take out the Justice League if they turn evil makes sense. However, that fact kind of comes out of nowhere. Additionally, it really sounds like something Batman would say. Furthermore, I am not totally sure if he could take out Wonder Woman. If it came to that, I think he would let her go.

The only other moments that seemed rather odd to me in Wonder Woman #43 were the interrogation scenes. Given what Grail did at the end of issue #42, the fight between the Female Furies and Wonder Woman makes sense. However, that scenario seemed very rushed to me.


Marco Santucci’s artwork in Wonder Woman #43 is spectacular. There is a sense of realism in every scene. The sun’s glare, as Jason is fighting drones, looks very realistic. During the interrogation/fight scenes, Wonder Woman looks as though she could leap off the page. However, that sense of realism is restrained by Romulo Fajardo Jr.’s color scheme. Fajardo’s colors add an effect that one might describe as “cartoonish.” That is not to say that the colors diminish the art, but rather allow the artwork to match the tone and style of this particular arc.


While Wonder Woman #43 does not answer every question about Darkseid’s plans or even where Jason got his powers, it is a fun issue. There was a moment where Trevor mentioned that Amanda Waller had offered the services of the Suicide Squad to him. That would have been an interesting crossover event, had it played out that way. However, allowing Trevor and Jason’s relationship to grow a little more added extra depth to Jason’s development as a character. He wants Steve Trevor to trust him and he is willing to do whatever he needs to earn Steve’s trust. In the final events of the issue, Wonder Woman #43 ensures that readers are going to see a lot of action in the next issue.


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