Review – Wonder Woman #45 (DC Comics)

A Flashy Finale for Wonder Woman #45

Wonder Woman #45 brings the exciting “Amazons Attacked” storyline to a thrilling close. With spreads of sprawling battles and many questions answered, this is an issue of Wonder Woman that fans will not want to miss.


Wonder Woman #45 Variant Cover Art by Jenny FrisonPicking up where Wonder Woman #44 left off, Wonder Woman #45 opens with the US Army and Wonder Woman surrounded by Parademons. However, as readers learned in the previous issue, these are no ordinary Parademons. These are Amazonian Parademons turned by Grail. Throughout Wonder Woman #45, Jason and Diana must discover how to defeat Grail in Themyscira and Darkseid on Earth. There are a few moments in this issue that rather cheesy but do not necessarily break the tone. In fact, this issue seems to be self-aware. There are a few moments wherein Jason and a certain other character exchange some sappy dialogue. For many readers, Grail says exactly what they will probably think.


However, it’s the sappy dialogue that I take issue with. James Robinson shows he can write action really well. But, characters stop in the middle of these epic action scenes to exchange sappy dialogue. Those moments broke the flow in the action. During many of those moments, the dialogue is incredibly cliché. Exchanging cliché and sappy dialogue in the midst of epic action detracts the urgency from the scenes. It seems as though Robinson was trying to fit a lot into this issue in order to tie up loose ends. Some of those moments really work, like Wonder Woman’s plan, which I won’t spoil. Other moments, such as Jason meeting a certain character, just fell flat and were rushed.

That’s not to say that this is a bad issue. Wonder Woman #45 is a great final installment for the “Amazons Attacked” storyline. Robinson writes some incredible action scenes. Though he definitely wraps almost everything up, Robinson included a pretty great twist for the story’s finale. It is a twist that will leave readers wanting more.


Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy, and Marco Santucci’s artwork in this issue is incredible. Their combined efforts bring something subtly fresh to the table, yet it pays homage to classic Wonder Woman art. Characters’ emotions are palpable and the portrayed action is intense. Romulo Fajardo, Jr.’s colors are vivid and enhance the artists’ work. His color scheme matches the tones of the main story and that twist of an ending.


Wonder Woman #45 surpassed my expectations with its thrilling action and an incredible ending. Robinson provides fans with a great run of Wonder Woman thus far. Though Wonder Woman #45 has a few moments that detract from the scene’s urgency, overall, it’s a great finale. It ties up several loose ends from many past story arcs. Though, if you were hoping to learn where Jason disappeared to at the end of the Swan Song arc, you’ll have to wait just a little longer. While it would have been great to see just what happened with him, I trust that Robinson has something exquisite in store for readers in the future.

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