Review – Wonder Woman #46 (DC Comics)

Witness the Wrath of the Dark Gods in Wonder Woman #46

Dark Nights: Metal promised that the multiverse would change forever. In Wonder Woman #46, it looks as though fans will finally see the consequences of Dark Nights: Metal come to fruition outside of the series. The unveiled secrets in the series are manifesting and causing problems for other DC heroes. However, it appears as though Wonder Woman is at the center of it all. She must face the chaos that affects the universe due to the destruction of the Source Wall in Wonder Woman #46 “The Dark Gods part one”.


Wonder Woman #46 The Dark Gods part 1 (DC Comics) cover A by Emanuela Lupacchino
cover A by Emanuela Lupacchino

Wonder Woman #46 opens with Diana lamenting her friend, Barbara Minerva–the Cheetah. She expresses concerns about the beginning of a darker chapter in her life that will begin with another encounter with Cheetah. On the first page alone, readers will learn that they are in for an intense ride. From there, Veronica Cale meets with Adriana, who helps her locate Cheetah. Doctor Poison makes an appearance as well, explaining that Cheetah is in a coma. Of course, she abruptly awakens from her coma and slaughters several people in a flash. All the while, she chatters on about the death of Urzkartaga. After that, all hell breaks loose, leaving Wonder Woman to protect planet Earth.

The story itself is quite fascinating. It does not seem to have any immediate ties to the cliffhanger of the previous issue, Wonder Woman #45. Therein, readers saw Darkseid reborn, losing his identity. That may play a part in this particular story arc later on, though. Though there is some choppy dialogue, Wonder Woman #46–at least Diana’s part of the story–is well-paced. However, I really don’t like Jason’s side of the story. Every time it cuts to Jason, the story seems to lose its rhythm. Not to mention, there is nothing but exposition whenever Jason is involved. Additionally, it really seems as though his scenes are very rushed and feel more like dead weight than any sort of narrative substance.


James Robinson’s writing–for the most part–shines in Wonder Woman #46. The over-arching narrative is very engaging and intriguing. However, as I mentioned previously, there are moments that are glossed over. Take Jason’s scenes for example or even the few scenes with Veronica Cale. It does not seem as though there was a lot of time spent focusing on those characters and their role in the current story. Hopefully, their roles will be addressed in later installments. Other than that, the action is intense and paced well. Dialogue, for the most part, is excellent and adds suspense and character depth to the narrative.


Stephen Segovia’s artwork stands out as some of the best, and most captivating, in recent Wonder Woman installments thus far. His character illustrations are crisp and well-defined. Their movements are smooth and their features are bold. Furthermore, characters’ countenances are easily readable. I was taken aback by the amount of detail in every image–even the background. The emotions in characters’ eyes and faces are just magnificent.

Just as in previous Wonder Woman issues, Romulo Fajardo, Jr. can complement any artist’s work with great color palates. Wonder Woman #46 has a crisp color scheme that brings Segovia’s images to life. Fajardo, Jr.’s colors add a sense of depth to the issue that allows it–like its fascinating story–to shine.


Despite its narrative flaws, Wonder Woman #46 “The Dark Gods part one” is an enjoyable, must-have issue. Even those who have yet to dive into Dark Nights: Metal can enjoy Wonder Woman #46. It is a new, exciting chapter in the Wonder Woman saga that marks a new direction for the DC Universe. Wonder Woman #46 is a fun read that offers some intriguing additions to Wonder Woman’s story. I am excited to see where this new story arc goes and how Darkseid might play a role in the rise of the new gods.

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