Review – Wonder Woman #47 (DC Comics)

Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman #47

If you thought Wonder Woman #46 had a surprising twist ending, then you probably wondered how James Robinson was going to top that in issue #47. Well, there are a couple of interesting twists and an ending that tops issue #46’s incredible finale.


Wonder Woman #47 opens with Wonder Woman and Supergirl punching one another through skyscrapers. Wonder Woman does everything she can to get answers from Supergirl. However, Wonder Woman receives no answers. Instead, Supergirl slips into a coma. Meanwhile, Jason tries to discover the origin of his new armor. When he learns of its origin and its making, he discovers his true role in current events. But, can Jason face these shadowy figures calling themselves the Dark Gods?

This issue opens several new possibilities for Wonder Woman and Jason. Wonder Woman #47 sees Jason as a character that actually adds something to the story as opposed to slowing it down. That was something that I was very happy about with this issue. In previous issues, the subplots involving Jason always felt clunky and misplaced. They always slowed the pacing of the story. His subplot in Wonder Woman #47 does not slow the story down. And, it finally merges with the main plot. For me, that’s exciting. I’ve wanted to like Jason since he was introduced. However, he always felt so gimmicky. Now, in Wonder Woman #47, he seems like a significant character.


James Robinson has crafted a very intriguing story in Wonder Woman #47. The dialogue is a lot more compelling as it leads the reader deeper into the mysteries of the Dark Gods. Though Wonder Woman does not find many answers, the MacGuffins in this issue are not as annoying as they could have been. Additionally, Jason feels like a more well-rounded character. As I mentioned above, he actually adds something to this story. Speaking of the story, Wonder Woman #47 moves along very quickly. It’s definitely one of the shortest Wonder Woman issues in recent memory. Wonder Woman #47 is a little over eighteen pages long. Don’t let that discourage you.  It’s an exciting issue with a pretty cool twist.


Stephen Segovia’s artwork adds a sense of realism to Wonder Woman #47. It is highly detailed and in my mind stands out as some of the best since the Swan Song arc. So much of this story can be inferred from characters’ facial expressions, even in the midst of battle. I feel like that can be a difficult thing to pull off while also illustrating Segovia’s incredible talent. That being said, it seems as though Segovia’s highly detailed work would not have been as well-executed without Rick Leonardi’s breakdowns. Leonardi’s contributions went a long way on several of the spreads.

Wonder Woman #47 Cover Art: Jenny Frison

Romulo Fajardo, Jr.’s colors add a sense of depth to Segovia’s artwork. In turn, Fajardo’s color scheme enhances that sense of realism present throughout this issue. Additionally, something that I have always admired about Fajardo’s choices when it comes to colorization, is the way he juxtaposes the artists’ work and the story. Wonder Woman #47 has a very bright color scheme for such a dark story. Even during the combat sequences, colors remain bright. This adds a great sense of depth to the overall story of each issue he is involved in.


Fans and casual readers alike who have been following the new “Dark Gods” story arc will not want to miss out on Wonder Woman #47. It adds new dimensions to Jason’s character and to his and Diana’s relationship. Wonder Woman #47 also opens up a very compelling new storyline. Though the twist ending is rather gimmicky, I enjoyed it and can’t wait to see what Robinson has planned for future installments.

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