Review – Wonder Woman Annual #2 (DC Comics)

Love is Dying in Wonder Woman Annual #2

Wonder Woman Annual #2 offers some answers to the mysteries of the Dark Gods. Many of these answers explain Wonder Woman’s involvement. It’s a very compelling story. It could even be considered a quintessential Wonder Woman story due to many of its themes. However, some of those themes do seem a bit repetitive. Also, what is going on with the art in this issue? Some of it is unique and awe-inspiring, while the rest is sloppy and inconsistent.


Wonder Woman Annual #2 (DC Comics) cover by Yasmine Putri
Cover by Yasmine Putri

Previously, in Wonder Woman #47, Diana and Jason came face-to-face with the Dark Gods. They appeared as giant monoliths in the sky. The Star Sapphires appeared before Jason and Diana could devise a plan and took her to their homeworld. Wonder Woman Annual #2 opens with the words, “Love is dying.” Hovering above Zamaron is a dark monolith. Once again, Wonder Woman dons the purple ring and becomes a Star Sapphire.

The direction the story goes from there is intriguing. Without giving too much away, Wonder Woman discovers that she is connected to the arrival of the Dark Gods. The action scenes range from intense to a little cliché. However, the pacing is fantastic.



James Robinson’s dialogue, story, and action scenes are great. Some of the best things about Wonder Woman Annual #2 are the dialogue and the story. There are some twists that work and some that don’t work all that well. As I stated earlier, the themes are repetitive and cliché. Towards the end of this issue, Wonder Woman comes to a conclusion that she came to about two to three issues ago. Granted, it was with a different rival. However, you cannot continually rely on the same conclusion in every story arc. It just gets boring.

Wonder Woman Annual #2 really seems to suffer from a lack of ingenuity. Additionally, it seems the answers to the mystery and the concept took precedence over characterization and even story elements. That’s unfortunate because Wonder Woman Annual #2 has a very interesting concept and ends on a great cliffhanger.


I found some of the artwork in Wonder Woman Annual #2 to be bland and atrocious. That’s surprising because Marc Laming, Frazer Irving, J. Calafiore, and Stephen Segovia contributed to this issue. Stephen Segovia is one of my favorite artists and even their art looked really weird in Wonder Woman Annual #2. In the beginning, faces look blocky and wooden. There are even moments where Wonder Woman’s nose and lips look out of place. Even some of the other characters look strange.

However, the flashbacks and some of the battle sequences look great! The artwork and coloration are unique and very interesting to look at. However, there is a bit of inconsistency when the first action scene commences. It is very obvious that a different artist drew those scenes. Don’t get me wrong, the artwork looks amazing, but it is kind of jarring.


While Wonder Woman Annual #2’s dialogue and story are intriguing, the artwork and clichés hold it back from being the perfect issue. However, on its own, with no prior knowledge of the previous story arc, Wonder Woman Annual #2 could, in fact, be a quintessential Wonder Woman issue. In that regard, it is a must-read. If you were expecting something new that did not play it safe, then you might be disappointed. We shall see if Wonder Woman #48 will give us something that treads new ground.

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