Review – Wonder Woman/Conan #1

Wonder Woman/Conan #1

In the fighting arena of Shamar, Conan is reunited with the lost love of his childhood. A warrior witch as skilled as Conan himself. A warrior who calls herself Wonder Woman. 

This unique crossover event naturally takes place outside of the regular DC Comics continuity.  After the first read through, it was difficult for me to ascertain just how I felt about it.  The story or at least the beginning isn’t shaping up how I imagined it would.  This is the first of a six-issue series, so there is still a lot of the story left to tell.  At first, the feeling I had was akin to confusion, but now as I am writing this, the only feeling I have is disappointment.

Wonder Woman Conan Cover by Darick Robertson
Wonder Woman/Conan #1 Cover by Darick Robertson

Gail Simone is totally in her element, but for me, I feel like she has missed the mark.  I know, how dare I speak ill of Gail Simone.  Don’t misjudge me, I love Gail Simone, I just didn’t love this first issue.  It is not how I pictured this crossover to be.  Yes, there is Conan and there is Wonder Woman.  Somehow Diana or Yanna as she is referred to in this story isn’t (yet) the Wonder Woman we’re used to.  She has been stripped down, minus her identity and her history.

Wonder Woman has been stripped down, minus her identity and her history.  She could easily be replaced with any other female character.  She could just as easily be Red Sonja or another other of a half a dozen female characters and the story would not suffer.  But as I said, this is only the first issue and only time will tell if this story gets fleshed out.  The rest of the story leading up to Yanna’s introduction is a little bland and is quite predictable.

The artwork by Aaron Lopresti, Matt Ryan, and Wendy Broome is excellent.  The colors and shading are perfect.  The art is this issue’s saving grace.  What the story lacks in substance, the artwork makes up for.  Lopresti and Ryan’s pencils and inks are superb.  The epicness and scale leaps off the page, it is truly amazing artwork.  Unfortunately, the story falls short of expectations.

I wanted to like this book, I really, really did.  I admire and adore Gail Simone.  Her work on Batgirl and Red Sonja for Dynamite Entertainment are second to none.  Add to the fact that she is no stranger to writing Wonder Woman.  But she misses the mark with this first issue.  I didn’t hate it, but I was let down by it.  I am however hopeful that she will bounce back in the second issue.  For that reason alone, I will continue to pick up this miniseries.

As easily as this story was to predict, I hope that Gail has a few surprises up her sleeve to use that will make up for a weak first issue.  I was so excited to read this and perhaps that’s where the fault lies, with my expectations.  Here’s hoping that it was I who missed the mark on Wonder Woman/Conan #1.

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