Review – The X-Files Case Files Florida Man #1 (IDW Publishing)

The X-Files Case Files Florida Man #1 

The X-Files Files Florida Man #1 (of 2) brings everybody’s favorite FBI Special Agents to the swamplands of Florida. Soon, Agents Mulder and Scully find themselves in a small secluded town. The local sheriff does not like the FBI snooping around in his business and the town has quite the odd fascination with alligators. With talks of bath salts, face eating, cults, and alien abductions this is right up Mulder and Scully’s alley, but can they keep themselves from becoming alligator chum?


The X-Files Case Files is a new series by IDW Publishing that will act as a “micro” type series to the ongoing X-Files comic book series. This series will have a rotating cast of creators showing Mulder and Scully on different X-Files adventures throughout their careers. Delilah S. Dawson gets the first crack at writing this series with her two-part story entitled “Florida Man”. Delilah feels like a big X-Files fan to me because she nails the tone, personality, and voices of Mulder and Scully. They read just like their tv counterparts and the dynamic between the two is written perfectly.

The X-Files Case Files Florida Man #1 (CA) J.J. Lendl
The X-Files Case Files Florida Man #1 (CA) J.J. Lendl

Delilah also does a fantastic job with this story. It is paced superbly well and plays out like a monster of the week X-Files episode. We get the mysterious encounters with people, an odd shopkeeper, tense action, and a greater teaser mystery that leaves the plot dangling and the reader anticipating the next issue. Delilah did a fantastic job with this story and I am super impressed on how much it feels like a “lost episode” of the tv series.


Elena Casagrande on pencils has a tough task in The X-Files Case Files Florida Man #1. She has to draw two very well-known actors, making them look like their tv counterparts. It always seems likes a double-edged sword for an artist when doing series based on tv or movie properties. People either say it looks nothing like the actors or that it looks like the artist traced the faces from stills or other picture. Casagrande hits a nice mark for me with the character likeness. Mulder and Scully look like themselves, but Casagrande stays true to her style as well. Silvia Califano’s inks help bring out the details in the characters as well which helps bring that likeness to life.

I like the art in The X-Files Case Files Florida Man #1. There is a ton of background detailed and the world is very well rendered. The colors by Arianna Florean are very well done.  I love the more “vibrant” color usage in this issue. The only real nitpick I have is the art is not very dynamic. Everything feels very still and flat. In the more action-oriented scenes, it feels like a still image instead of the characters moving. 


The X-Files Case Files is exactly what I love about The X-Files! I never really cared too much about the convoluted overarching story.  I just loved the “monster of the week” and Mulder and Scully going on odd adventures. This is exactly what this series is and The X-Files Case Files Florida Man #1 (of 2) is a fantastic start to this new series. The creative team really does a superb job of catching that X-Files feel and bringing it into comic book form. All in all, this was a great first issue and something that any X-Files fan will enjoy!

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