Review – The X-Files: Case Files—Florida Man #2 (IDW Publishing)

The X-Files: Case Files—Florida Man #2 is X-tra Weird!

Mulder and Scully have run into some weirdness down in Florida. Weirdness in Florida? Surely not! It seems that our favorite special agents have stumbled upon a strange little town. One with a sheriff that doesn’t take to kindly to FBI agents snooping around. Strange townsfolk that seem like they have something to hide and an obsession with alligators. After saving a pregnant woman from an attack by a wild man with strange tattoos Mulder and Scully decide to investigate further. In The X-Files: Case Files—Florida Man #2, it is more than bath salts making these people crazy!


X-Files: Case Files—Florida Man #2 cover A by Catherine Nodet
cover A by Catherine Nodet

The X-Files: Case Files—Florida Man #2 is an excellent ending to this two-part story. I loved the first issue and Delilah S. Dawson finishes up the story perfectly in this issue. Dawson continues to catch the X-Files theme perfectly in this story. She paces the story superbly well; it actually feels like a good X-Files episode. The first issue delivered the setup and the start of the mystery and The X-Files: Case Files—Florida Man #2 gets into some more great X-Files tropes.

Mulder and Scully split up, which never goes well. Mulder continues to get some good quips in and the weirdness is ratcheted up to 11! I am still amazed at how well Dawson has caught the voices of these characters as well. The dialogue fits perfectly with how they are presented on tv. Dawson also wrote a great ending, I cannot say much about it without spoiling it, but it fits perfectly with this story and is just a wonderful little nod to some of my favorite X-Files episodes!


The art team continues to do a pretty good job in The X-Files: Case Files—Florida Man #2. It is the same art team so I still have the same complaints and compliments from my previous review, not much changed from that. Elena Casagrande and Silvia Califano have some good looking panels in this issue. Casagrande draws a mean-looking alligator; there is a great scene of one busting out of the water that is set up structurally and angle-wise perfectly by Casagrande. Califano’s inks also put some lovely detail in that alligator, the lines bring out the scales perfectly and the eyes are as creepy as ever. 

Arianna Florean’s colors continue to standout in The X-Files: Case Files—Florida Man #2. Florean catches the mugginess of the Florida Everglades perfectly. You can practically feel the heat coming off the pages. She catches the swamp scenes perfectly as well, going from light to darkness and giving it that creepy feeling even in the middle of the day.


I cannot imagine any X-Files fan not liking this two-part story. It again feels like a “lost” episode of the tv series and fits perfectly in The X-Files world. The creative team caught the style, tone, and tempo of the series perfectly and transferred it into comic book form. Which, if you have read any comic based on a television or movie property, you know is not easy to do. I like that IDW is doing these short two-part stories for this new “Case Files” series and I hope the new creative team on “Hoot Goes There” is as good as this one!

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