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Young Justice #1
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Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Patrick Gleason
Colorist: Alejandro Sanchez
Letters: DC Lettering
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: DC Comics
Release: January 9, 2019

When Gemworld attacks Metropolis and Superman is not around who will save the day. Luckily some “teen” heroes are around to help stop the mayhem!


“Reunited” Young Justice #1


Young Justice is back! No not that Young Justice (well they are back too). Let me rephrase that, Young Justice is back in comic book form (okay they had a comic last week). Okay last time, the original Young Justice is back in comic book form in Young Justice #1! Impulse, Robin (Tim Drake), Wonder Girl and maybe even Superboy (Conner Kent the most rad Superboy) come together with some new members! But, what could bring all these heroes and more together? Well, when Gemworld attacks someone has to protect the Earth!


Superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis takes the reigns to introduce this new/old DC Universe to Young Justice. Bendis has currently been writing Superman and doing a pretty swell job at it. Maybe the little older more mature Clark Kent fits his style more now. It was interstring to see Bendis get these younger and newer characters. He does have the track record with Ultimate Spider-Man of writing good younger characters but that has also been a while ago. I am happy to say Bendis does a good with all the characters in Young Justice #1.

Young Justice #1 Cover

Bendis does a good job of giving each character a unique voice and letting them have a particular time to shine in the issue. There is a lot going on in Young Justice #1, but Bendis gives ample time and some nice introductions for the characters. It is also a pretty good set up issue for the series. We get a big action scenes and characters coming together. It is an all-around fun and exciting issue. That being said it is also terribly confusing.

I am not going to try to wrap my head around the whole Tim Drake Robin thing and Impulse and also apparently Young Justice did happen in the past, but it didn’t. DC’s continuity is a mess and it is best just not to think about it. The addition of Gemworld is a nice touch though and something that should be interesting. We also get some new characters in Jinny Hex who is a pretty fun character until they give “minor spoiler alert even though it is on the cover” that stupid looking ray gun thing and a new Green Lantern the aptly name Teen Lantern who we learn nothing about.

It is fun and exciting and I enjoyed reading it. But, the more I stop and try to make sense of things that happened the more confused I become. It is like a big blockbuster movie, the more you think about it the less enjoyable it becomes.


Patrick Gleason had the heavy task of bringing Young Justice #1 to life. Like I said previously there is a lot going on in this issue. A lot of characters come together, there is a big battle with Gemworld and Gleason has to pencil and ink it all. For the amount of work he had to do the art looks pretty fantastic. Gleason excels at the big action scenes, he gets the right amount of detail and the nice “Super Hero” shots and poses we want when a new character is introduced. I do wish some pages were structured a little differently. When the action gets too fast and furious it can be a little hard to follow.

I do love all of the designs for the characters. Superboy looks fantastic that 90’s attitude never not looks cool. The design for Wonder Girl is delightful, the Jacket and star-spangled tights under her dress is a great look. Gleason adds the right amount of detail and pizzaz to the pages to just make Youg Justice #1 a fun issue to look at. He nails Impulse as well; he looks fast and kind of annoying which fits his character. 

Alejandro Sanchez does some good coloring work in Young Justice #1. He adds a lot of bright colors to the issue that amps up that young enthusiasm feels to the series. When Impulse is first introduced it may be a little too bright, that scene is a little shocking to the eyes.


Young Justice #1 is an exciting, fun and all around enjoyable first issue. Yeah, if you think about the plot and how it fits into the DC Universe it becomes way less enjoyable but if you go with the Ifanboy podcast motto of “nothing makes sense, nothing matters” then it is not so bad. The art while at times a bit confusing when the action gets too heavy services the book well. We get some fantastic action shots and some great looking pages. Young Justice #1 might not be the greatest first issue, but it was an enjoyable read and I am definitely on board for more!

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