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Young Justice #6
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Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: John Timms
Colorist: Gabe Etaeb
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: June 5, 2019

Young Justice comes together to escape Gemworld as Dark Opal blocks their path. Plus Jinny Hex’s secrets are revealed!

Escape From Gemworld in Young Justice #6

The whole team is finally back together, yet still trapped in Gemworld in Young Justice #6. New friends are made and many secrets are revealed. Like some big secrets! Superboy has been on Gemworld for a while and the whole team wants to know what he has been up to, and it is a doozy. Oh, and Jinny Hex, well, she has something in her possession that nobody will believe! That’s all good and all, but the team still has to escape Gemworld and Dark Opal still stands in their path!


Young Justice #6 ( DC Comics) cover by John Timms
Young Justice #6 ( DC Comics) cover by John Timms

Man, I really want to like this series, but the whole Gemworld and just the boring story is making it very hard. Young Justice #6 had some cool reveals and some interesting character discoveries, but overall I was mainly just bored. It feels like we have been in Gemworld for a lot more than 6 issues. The story just does not interest me. It seems like everything was just dumped into this issue to get to the end. Bendis basically just drops tons of information in this issue to get it out there. It does not make for an exciting or interesting read.

That being said, there are some good dialogue and character interactions in Young Justice #6. Bendis gives Impulse some actually-good comedic lines that gave me a chuckle here and there. Jinny Hex also is a great new stand-out character that I have liked since issue #1. Bendis gives her a new mysterious element in this issue. I still feel like Teen Lantern is very underused and underdeveloped. We learn a little bit about her “origin story” but we still don’t know much about her as a person.


John Timms takes over from Patrick Gleason for the full issue in Young Justice #6. Gleason recently signed an exclusive contract with Marvel, so Timms seems to be the full-time artist. I was recently listening to a podcast and they were talking about Patrick Gleason’s art and how well he drew kids that actually looked like kids. I didn’t think about it much until this issue. John Timms’ art is very good, but they should call this Semi-Young Justice, because they don’t look young at all. The only person who I know exactly what age she is supposed to be is Teen Lantern. In this issue, she says she is 11 years old. She does not look 11; she also is just about as tall as everyone else in this issue. Impulse also grew in height as well, from what Gleason depicted. The faces also do not have that youthful look Gleason was so good at depicting.

I know I just typed a whole paragraph kind of putting down the art, but the art itself is very good. Which is not surprising, as Timms is an excellent comic book artist. The characters themselves look great. I dig his dynamic stylings and layouts. The characters’ costumes look fantastic as well. Timms also adds in some tremendous background details. Everything has this nice big, dynamic feel to it that Timms brings to the series. 

I really love the bright coloring work from Gabe Eltaeb. Superboy’s costume looks fantastic with the bright blues and reds popping off the pages and the black jacket just makes them stand out even more. The bright colors just bring a nice joyful, youthful feel to Young Justice #6 that is fantastic.


I really want to like this Young Justice series. All of these characters are delightfully awesome. Just, something is not clicking with the story. I am not sure if it is Gemworld, or Bendis trying to work out all the continuity stuff going on with DC right now, but the story feels very jumbled and boring. The art from Timms and Eltaeb is fantastic, it is just that the characters looking much older than Gleason depicted took me out of the story in Young Justice #6. It will probably grow on me but it is a definite change.

All that being said, I am still hanging on reading Young Justice. Like I said, there is just something about all these characters that I find extremely interesting. If I knew what exactly it was I would tell you, but seeing this group of characters together just makes me want to continue reading their adventures together. 

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