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Young Justice #8
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Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: John Timms
Colorist: Gabe Eltaeb
Letterer: Wes Abbott
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: September 11, 2019

The Young Justice crew narrowly escaped Gemworld but now, trapped on Earth-3, things have gone from bad to worse and they may never make it home.


Earth-3 Attacks in Young Justice #8

It has been a little bit since we checked in on the Young Justice crew (issue #6 to be exact). We are now in part 2 of this “Lost in the multi-verse” storyline. It seems the people of Gemworld have sent the gang spiraling through DC’s multi-verse instead of sending them home. Unfortunately, they have landed on Earth-3. Now evil doppelgangers look to take the heroes out as they struggle to find their way back to their Earth and their home in Young Justice #8.


Young Justice #8 (DC Comics) main cover by John Timms
Young Justice #8 (DC Comics) main cover by John Timms

I was hoping to come back to Young Justice with fresh eyes. I have been struggling with this series after the first issue (which I really enjoyed). It is a series that, in my head, I really want to like, but there is nothing gripping or engaging about the story. Things move a little too fast and characters just don’t have that connection I want.

Bendis seems to be pushing the story along at quite a fast pace. Young Justice #8 feels like a lot is going and but that not much happens all at the same time. It is basically a battle on Earth-3 and that is generally exciting in a visual sense, but in a story type mode not much happens. Or when stuff does happen, there is not much connection or much that makes me really care.

Bendis does continue to write Bart Allen (Impulse) extremely well. His parts have always been great and that continues in Young Justice #8. There are some pretty solid comedy beats from him. I mean the story is not terribly bad, I just wish we could slow down a little and maybe get a little more in-depth with all these characters. There is no connection for me as a reader and the story just doesn’t grab my attention or keep me interested or engaged.


John Timms is a solid comic book artist and his work looks good. There is something though for me that just doesn’t fit this series. Maybe it’s the characters all look like they all have the same body proportions or that they don’t look very “Young” at all. It just doesn’t seem to fit the book that well. It is a little too angular and characters just feel “odd” in some scenes.

Obviously, that is all personal and subjective, and Timms does do some fantastic panel work and structure throughout Young Justice #8. There is a fantastic fight between Tim Drake and his doppelganger. Timms makes it very dynamic and I love how he silhouettes them in black in the panels. I do enjoy most of his action-oriented scenes, besides some odd body positioning choices in some scenes.

Gabe Eltaeb‘s coloring has some to do with the art not fitting as well. It is a little too “glossy” and bright. Even in the darker scenes, everything has this smooth, sleek “texture” to it that really just looks off for the story.


Again, Young Justice is a series I really want to like. These characters all look very interesting and I want to know more about them. The story continues to just not deliver in Young Justice #8. Bendis seems to be very “plot-driven” and not concerned too much about the characters and making us really care about them. The art, while not bad, just does not it fits the series well. The character body types all look the same and they look much older than they should be. 

Maybe this series just isn’t for me, and that is okay. Young Justice #8 will probably be the last I read of the series for a while. 

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