Review: Young Justice “Summit”

Young Justice Summit

YES!!! All the YES! This is what we’ve been waiting for and it is everything about Young Justice that at least I’ve come to love over the last two seasons. With all of the presumably loose ends tied up, it’s time to address the last major plot thread head on and the episode does it spectacularly. Like Green Lantern, I wish the show had another season. Though we’ve had some fantastic episodes and some dragging ones, for sure, the fact of the matter is that Young Justice is just good television. Not just a good cartoon or a good superhero cartoon. It’s good television. Factoring in the plethora of characters in the DC Universe not used, a third season could have opened the door for even greater storytelling.

Moving on since I’ll probably end up talking about the ups and downs of Young Justice: Invasion next week, “Summit” brings together our two villainous agencies, the Reach and the Light, as they hash out pretty much everything that’s happened since the end of season one. The long and short of it: neither side is particularly happy with the other. The Reach are pissed because The Light hasn’t been able to stop Young Justice from interfering and The Light are pissed because The Reach’s plans for invasion have yielded even fewer results given that Beetles Blue and Green are free of their control, their energy drink intended to enslave the population of Earth isn’t selling very well, and public opinion of them has turned since the reveal of their fleet during the attack on War World. KaldurEven though the Reach’s Ambassador thinks they can recover, Black Beetle doesn’t take kindly to the implications that they’re in the wrong and a little skirmish occurs. And by little I mean he pretty much tries to kill everyone from the Light.

Thankfully, Kaldur steps in to stop the fighting, but in her attempt to protect Ra’s al Ghul, Tigress/Artemis’s glamour necklace is noticed by the immortal and he does what Ra’s al Ghul does best – other than resurrect himself. He rips the necklace from her neck, revealing the very much alive Artemis to the summit. Seeing Artemis alive leads everyone to the conclusion that Kaldur is not the loyal son of Black Manta, but a double agent. Before Black Beetle can take out the “meat,” Deathstroke kills Artemis and Kaldur. Aqualad, however, gets the last word. Or last recording as it were. Using a holographic message, Kaldur reveals to the Reach how the Light have been undermining their attempts to invade Earth solely for the purpose of gaining control of the galaxy for themselves. Thus, the alliance between the Reach and the Light is severed with all the name calling and backstabbing that comes with such a break. At each others throats, both sides threaten each other with retaliation when Vandal Savage reveals he has the crystal that controls War World, which is all the information Kaldur needed to complete his plan. Surprise! Kaldur and Artemis weren’t dead after all (for those of you counting, that’s twice Artemis has “died”) and Deathstroke is actually Miss Martian in disguise! And since Kaldur was made head of security for the summit, all of Young Justice decide to show up for the proceedings.

And I mean ALL of them, even Wally! The third act is yet another reason why the cancellation of the show is so disheartening because Young Justice does fight scenes better than any other cartoon on television. Everyone gets a moment to shine, displaying their distinct styles and plenty of teamwork! You could probably skip ahead to the fight scenes alone and be satisfied with this episode because it doesn’t disappoint! Hell, I could watch Nightwing’s takedown of Reach minions on a continuous loop! There’s also some great character moments with Wally and Artemis fight-flirting, Wally essentially passing the title of Kid Flash to Impulse, and Lagoon Boy and M’gann somewhat reconciling. The best though, by far, is the fight between Kaldur and Black Manta. Typical of Kaldur, he Batgirl, Nightwing, and Kid Flashdoes see the nobility in his father, but he won’t allow him to harm the people of Earth. Manta doesn’t take the betrayal well and their fight is the most emotionally charged of the episode. Though Kaldur wins, it’s clear that he regrets the way things ended between him and his father.

In the aftermath, the team has definitely won, but only by a few degrees. Thanks to the glamour necklace, the whole summit was recorded and the people of Earth quickly declare the Reach unwelcome on the planet. Unfortunately, Vandal Savage, with an assist from Clarion, the Witch Boy, escapes to War World and reactivates it, taking the planet-sized arsenal of weapons away from Earth. With the Reach more or less defeated and the Justice League’s return inevitable, Black Beetle declares Earth’s destruction the Reach’s last course of action.

Predictions for the Finale: Planet-wide destruction…certainty of death…Justice League on the way…Sounds like a big ol’ party’s about to happen on Earth!

DC Nation Short: The conclusion of Amethyst’s story…or is it?

Favorite Moments:

  • Nothing good ever happens on Santa Prisca. Just ask Bane.
  • Manta likes to talk in the third person
  • WALLY!!!
  • Every fight. The whole damn conclusion!
  • “No faking anyone’s death for at least a year!” Glad to know everyone’s taking it so well.

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