Review: Young Justice “The Fix”

You’ve gotta give it to Young Justice, they certainly know how to thematically tie their stories together with an appropriate episode title. “The Fix” almost feels like the creators are copping to the fact that they’ve been overloading us with multiple intertwining plots and they’re at least taking steps to resolve a couple of them. Of course, Young Justice being Young Justice, plot resolutions are rarely so clean.

We begin with Tigress/Artemis giving us a handy little recap on what she’s been doing  since her “death” and the personal repercussions of going deep undercover. She regrets leaving her life of retirement with Wally behind, but she was more than happy to step into the fray when Nightwing called her into action. The problem is, they didn’t count on Miss Martian throwing a wrench into their plans by psychically destroying Aqualad’s mind in retaliation. With Kaldur out of commission, Artemis is on her own keeping up the ruse but unsure of how to proceed. Throughout her internal monologue, she continually asks, “How did it all go wrong?” The question that goes unasked, yet hangs over the entire scene is, “How do we fix it?” Luckily, Black Manta has brought Psimon in to help rebuild his son’s mind. Unfortunately, that means Psimon will know their secret and Artemis can’t let that happen. Her efforts to stop Psimon via drugging still manage to let the cat, or the Tigress, out of the bag since Psimon psychically uncovers her secret and attacks. But before Psimon can blow her cover, the drugs kick in and he’s out, which gives Artemis the opportunity to suggest that they kidnap Miss Martian and force her to fix Kaldur. Black Manta gives his consent, but only if Tigress takes Deathstroke as back-up. Perfect.

The team, however, spends their time going through multiple measures to ensure that Green Beetle can be trusted. One way involves Miss Martian going in psychically and the other involves matching up their intel on the additive The Reach put into the energy drink they’re marketing to the world. According to their analysis, the additive, taken over time, would eventually render the human race docile enough to be conquered with little resistance. Green Beetle provides them with some extra information. The additive also attaches to the meta gene, making it easier for them to find potentials for weaponization. With this new knowledge, Nightwing decides to keep it under wraps since The League hasn’t exactly earned any good will in the media recently. Presenting this information would scream of desperation by The League to make the The Reach look bad out of spite.

While it makes sense logically to withhold the intel, Nightwing’s decision not to share comes back to karmically bite him in the ass after Miss Martian’s abduction. Trying to protect his “angel fish,” Lagoon Boy gets a beating and a broken leg, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to get back out there and save M’gann while cursing Kaldur’s name and yelling at Superboy for not already jumping at the chance to save her himself. To keep the peace, and prevent anymore screw-ups, Nightwing reveals that Artemis isn’t dead and that Aqualad never betrayed them. It’s a small resolution, but a resolution nonetheless. There’s no telling if the whole team will know the truth by the next episode, but with everything stacking against them at the moment, it’s a welcome relief that the secret’s out…somewhat. And though Superboy backs Nightwing in the face of Lagoon Boy’s anger, he doesn’t hold back behind closed doors. If Nightwing had just bothered to share, then a lot of things might have been prevented. Like M’gann destroying Kaldur’s mind in her grief over Artemis. For the record, though, this seems to be the first time Nightwing’s hearing about M’gann’s psychic exploits, so Connor’s anger strikes me as slightly hypocritical. Weren’t you guys, I don’t know, teammates who already dealt with trust issues last season?

Oh, and Blue Beetle’s scarab problem may have been fixed by Green Beetle in a scene that happened off-screen and was only mentioned at the end to give us a small cliffhanger. I do not foresee good things from this.

The best part of “The Fix” is M’gann and Artemis’s journey into Kaldur’s broken psyche. The image of a damaged and wrecked Atlantis is stunning and M’gann’s earlier misgivings over whether she can fix Kaldur really hit home. How do you rebuild something that’s so utterly destroyed? But as much as the episode emphasizes Miss Martian trying to atone for what she’s done to her friend, the MVP award goes to Artemis for single-handedly saving the day on all accounts. Upon entering Kaldur’s mind, they’re immediately attacked by an image of Tula who goes after M’gann specifically. Artemis, in hopes of stopping the attack, finds a lost and faceless Kaldur ready to abandon all hope. And while it may sound contrived, Artemis uses the power of friendship and the shared bond of teammates to bring Kaldur back from the brink and subsequently help M’gann begin to forgive herself by helping Kaldur rebuild from within. It’s a powerful moment and well-earned by all three characters.

Nitpicker’s Corner: Where’s Wally? Seriously, shouldn’t he be out there under the guise of “avenging” the death of the woman he loves? Haven’t seen him in a while is all I’m saying and he’s one of the original six. This reeks of Justice League Unlimited all over again.

DC Nation Short: DC Nation’s Farm League! My favorite is Duckseid!

Favorite Moments:

  • Artemis’s internal monologue
  • That Reach commercial is all kinds of wrong
  • Green Beetle smiling is unsettling
  • Deathstroke speaks! And he’s voiced by Wentworth Miller! And he’s awesome!
  • Faceless Kaldur is disturbing

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